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How To Create A Great Personalised Fundraising Video

Personalised fundraising videos can take your pitching ability to the next level. In this blog post Accordium shares their advice on creating personalised fundraising videos.

Things you'll need

  • Technology is changing everything we know about fundraising. Door-to-door and cold-calling are falling out of fashion, with voluntary organisations looking for fresh ways to engage potential donors.
  • Accordium is a personalised video sales platform helping salespeople spark interest with prospects through innovative, easy-to-create videos. In this post Accordium share the things you need to know about creating a personalised video that will increase your fundraising potential.

Personalised pitching

Pitching as a non-profit volunteer is all about engaging the person you’re speaking to, forming a relationship with them and securing the all-important funds. One of the best ways to grab prespects’ attention is through a personalised elevator pitch.


Whatever your method of personalisation, simply addressing the person you’re trying to sell your cause to is no longer enough, being filtered like all other spam-like sales. The best pitchers are finding new, creative ways to take their personalisation to the next level to secure leads.


Video pitches are one of the most recent developments to prove successful. But instead of traditional techniques, where salespeople and organisation volunteers pitch hundreds of times to individuals, video allows a single pitch to reach hundreds.


As such, it’s imperative that this one pitch is the best it can possibly be to ensure a high conversion rate–but how?



Scripted, but not too scripted

Whatever you’re trying to sell, promote or raise funds for, you need to plan how you’re going to do it. To keep people engaged, you need to get to the point, and quick. Having a script is a good way to ensure you say exactly what you need to say–nothing less, nothing more. 


But this doesn’t mean your pitch performance should be scripted. No one wants to be faced with a robot. Act natural, like you’re talking to a real person. Video gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your individual personality, as well as that of your organisation or charity.


Human interaction is what your prospects want. Plan and deliver your script in a humanised way and you’re sure to get more meaningful leads.



Practice makes perfect

But preparation goes further than the pitch for a perfect fundraising video. You need to practice too. Rehearse your pitch, the way you deliver it, your body language–everything! The audience won’t just listen to what you’re saying, they’ll view the entire video as one entity: from the tone of voice you use to the amount of eye contact, it’s all part of creating the perfect pitch.


If you’ve ever watched a video where the speaker is blatantly underprepared, reading from cue cards or stumbling over their words, it’s unlikely you were that impressed by what it was they were saying.


Poor delivery can reduce engagement and detract from the purpose of the pitch itself. Not to mention poor pitching creates a very awkward situation—not what you want for a pitch that’s meant to excite, inspire or lead to action!



Target your prospect profile

Knowing how to create the perfect video pitch is all well and good, but it won’t go anywhere if you’re not targeting the right people. From finding out what your target audience wants and why they want it to discovering exactly who your target audience is–this is all critical to the success of your pitch.


The style of your video, its duration, the platform it’s uploaded to… these are all things that can only be determined after you’ve established your target profile. As such, it’s crucial that you put time into researching how to create the best pitch possible for your audience.


If done right, personalised video pitches can spark the interest you need your prospects to have. If you put the time into creating the perfect fundraising video, you could save valuable time delivering numerous pitches and filtering through dead-end leads, increasing overall donations and awareness of your non-profit organisation. 


Further information

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