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How to Create a More Environmentally Sustainable Nonprofit Workplace

Nowadays, people are more and more aware of their environmental responsibilities, which is an excellent trend. It is essential to apply and continue working on it whenever it is possible, and it also refers to your workplaces. Having an eco-friendly office is crucial for everyone's health. Furthermore, healthy environment will influence the overall productivity level in the collective.

However, it is often not easy to create such an eco-conscious nonprofit workplace. You need a lot of effort to start changing your habits. Moreover, it is even more difficult to persuade other colleagues to do so as well. Nevertheless, having an environmentally sustainable workplace is vital for multiple reasons, and here are some of the ways of how to create it.



Say no to paper – go digital!

Although there a few solutions such as FSC Certified paper, you should always aim for a paperless office. Or at least cut down on wasting it as much as possible. Going digital is the way to go – you can save all the files on computers, instead of a pile of papers in a cabinet. Also, you can always review and analyze those files on a PC or mobile device. The same applies to e-mail letters and documents. Use printing only when it is highly necessary.


Turn off the electronics and lights at the end of the day

This seems like an easy task, but most people tend to forget about it. When you finish the work, turn off the lights, computers, and all the other equipment you have in the office. Set your computers and monitors to turn off (sleep) automatically when you don’t use them for 15 or 20 minutes. LED light bulbs are also great for saving energy. Yes, they are more expensive, but they last longer and use less energy. Furthermore, try to use natural light as much as possible. Don’t use electricity if you have a lot of daylight coming into your workplace.


Try renewable energy sources

Nowadays, solar and wind energy are both realistic choices, and are also more accessible than ever. In addition, it is relatively easy to get it. Choose a green energy plan, which is based on renewable energy sources, especially wind and solar. Almost every electricity supplier offers that plan. There are various options, such as rooftop solar installations and large-scale wind farms. Also, solar and wind are cheap sources of energy.


Go for green cleaning products and companies

Conventional cleaning products contain a lot of chemicals which negatively affect your and your colleagues’ health. Negative consequences are various – asthma, bronchitis, congenital disabilities, and even cancer. To prevent all of these, you should find an eco-friendly office cleaning business to take care of your premises (or begin buying such cleaning products). You will be serviced with products that don’t contain toxic and harmful chemicals. Not only are you going to improve the overall air quality, but you will also support natural air cleaning instead of using chemical air freshening sprays. Eco-friendly products and services lower the risk of diseases, which is, in the end, the crucial reason for switching to them.


Switch to eco-friendly office products

Exclusively sustainable products may be costly. However, it is a small price for cutting down on waste and pollution. You don’t have to go big in the beginning and to buy only sustainable products. Start with the most important – 100% recycled paper, efficient greener electronics, refillable ink cartridges, etc. People in your workplace will, hopefully, appreciate such a decision, and after that, you can implement new items from time to time. No need to spend the money all at once.


Plants are your friends

Another way of improving indoor air quality is also the most natural one. Bringing plants in the office environment is highly recommendable. They produce more oxygen, which is crucial. On top of that, plants in your workplace can reduce stress and increase overall productivity. The overall atmosphere in the office is better with a few plants inside, too. Some of the most popular are African violet, snake plant, peace lily, etc.


Create monthly contests and challenges

This is a very relevant and creative way to improve overall environmental awareness in the collective. For example, you can create a competition in turning off the electricity after work. Those who don’t forget to do that for the whole month will deserve a small (or big) prize. People usually tend to forget about this stuff, so these challenges could be very stimulating. Not so much because of the award, but because the competition among colleagues is always exciting, even when it comes to non-business activities.

Further information

To sum up, there are plenty of ways to take care of the environment at your nonprofit workplace. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they will be beneficial to your revenues, too.


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