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How to create an effective text campaign

Text messaging is not only popular among Generation Y but also the over 55s. Research from UK Giving (2012) shows that the over 55s are one of the largest donors to charities and it’s significant that a recent Deloitte survey showed that in 2014, over 55s will buy more smartphones than any other age group. This means that text messaging could be a highly effective tool for your campaigns. Here’s 5 suggestions for creating an effective SMS campaign. 



Ask your donors and stakeholders if they would like to opt-in to receive text messages from your charity. You can do this whenever you contact your donors and stakeholders. You may be surprised how many individuals opt for the “Yes” vote.  Be sure to inform them they can opt-out at any time. It's best practice to include the phrase "Text STOP to Opt Out" on both your initial opt-in call to action and subsequent messages that you send every so often. People must know how to opt out should they choose to.


Keep it short and sweet

Avoid flowery language that often leaves the recipient confused! Get to the point as to why your charity is texting them. This does not give you the excuse to cram in lots of messages. The general rule is to stick to 160 characters (including spaces and punctuation) or at most 200 characters. 


Have an action point

Be clear about what you’re asking your audience to do... donate, sign a petition, etc. This should be done in the first few words and not buried in one long sentence. 


Be creative

Why not send a quote of the day, a thank-you text, or an update on a cause? This can add value to your campaign and may even make your audience more responsive to future campaigns.


Ease of purchase

Set up an effective mobile commerce payment scheme. Use easy and memorable promotional codes, something like SMSMAGICDEAL not SMSMAGIC2014124Z. 

GrassRootSoccer worked with Screen Magic, an innovative SMS service provider, to develop and implement an effective text messaging model using SMS Magic.

Their Managing Director said: "SMS Magic is assisting us to engage parties that were previously difficult to reach, and it is doing so in an affordable manner! We highly recommend this application." 


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