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How to Create A More Vibrant Workplace: 7 Ways to Revitalize Your Nonprofit Office

The list of amazing things accomplished by nonprofit organizations over the last couple of decades is too long to count and quite impressive. What’s even more impressive is that all these accomplishments were performed by ordinary people who have done their best to use the limited resources they had at their disposal. Just imagine what they would be able to do if they were allowed better work conditions.

Well, why not find out for yourself? As a matter of fact, nonprofit offices can be completely revitalized and made vibrant with nothing more than a couple of simple steps. Let's take a quick!


Declutter the space

Clutter is a poisonous factor – not only to productivity but the overall mood at the office. No one likes to work buried in tremendous amounts of stuff. So, a step one of your office makeover, be sure to throw out everything that isn't necessary for day-to-day operations. Furthermore, do your best to reorganize and introduce new storage units. Then, consider the option of eliminating tiresome paperwork and using the cloud-based tools that are much more efficient and allow seamless collaboration instead.


Utilize natural light

Natural light is known for its various benefits that spill over into numerous categories. Looking from the health perspective, sunlight stimulates your body to produce Vitamin D and wards off seasonal depression. Speaking in more practical terms, expanding the existing window space, and making new windows that will allow you to maximize natural light will help you to drastically cut the bills and make your organization far more sustainable.

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Utilize the power of colors

Nothing can change the vibe of some interior space just as fast and just as easily as giving the walls a fresh paint of color. But, it turns out that different colors are not only a powerful design element. They also produce a strong psychological effect on the occupants. So, let’s take a look at a quick color breakdown that will allow you to utilize these effects in your nonprofit office.

- White – Neutral color that creates a sense of unity and purity 

- Purple – Historically, purple has always been associated with luxury and class

- Blue – The color blue creates a serene, calm and almost meditative effect

- Green – Soothing color that creates a very relaxing and earthly atmosphere

- Red/orange – Jarring colors that incite a very passionate response

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Take care of the exterior

Putting some effort into improving the exterior appeal of your office can raise the profile of your organization, do a lot of heavy lifting in terms of branding and lift the spirit of your workers as soon as they step on the office grounds. So, for a start, find a reliable aggregates and sand supplier and take good care of the walkways. From that point on, you can move on to more complicated moves like framing the sidewalks with flowerbeds, planting trees, shaping the shrubs and hedges, and so on.

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Green up the offices

In terms of produced benefits, indoor plants are not that different from natural light. On the one hand, they are capable of purifying the indoor air, thus improving the health of the occupants. On the other, they are a joy to watch and do a lot to lift their spirits. Also, they make an incredibly affordable upgrade, so there is no good reason to exclude them from your renovation plans.

Some of the best species that are known to thrive even in low-light conditions are:

- Snake plant

- African violet

- English ivy

- Aloe

- Philodendron

- Oxalis

- Rex begonia

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Introduce a bit of art

Small art pieces, regardless of their worth, can go a long way in improving the aesthetic of some space and inspiring better productivity. Generally speaking, inclusions like this can transform an office from a utilitarian and performance-driven space into a more casual and friendly environment where people actually like to spend their time. And in the nonprofit sector, every ounce of enthusiasm can make a huge change. Of course, to achieve the best results, you should involve workers in the decoration process.

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Break the space into different hubs

Finally, we have to admit that, no matter what you do to make the office appealing and functional, people will, at some point, become fed and start losing enthusiasm. When things reach this point, it is best to allow them to shake things up and continue the work in a different setting. That is why it would be wise to break the office space into hubs that will serve different purposes. Some of them should promote productivity, some relaxation, and others should be more social-oriented.

We hope these few tips should give you some general idea about the measures you can take to infuse your nonprofit organization with a healthy dose of vibrancy and vigor. People working there are doing their best to change this world for the better. The least we can do to make their lives easier is to provide them with a functional and appealing workspace.

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