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How to Design a Modern Office

An office is so much more than a place for business. It reflects your company both to your customers and your business partners. That’s what makes designing an office so important. It should be used to send a message.

The office design can also be used as a way to create and promote a certain work atmosphere. It can motivate your workers and bring a sense of camaraderie to your company. That’s why the office you design should also be an office for the company you’re planning to make.


Inviting the nature in

A traditional office can be a bit sterile and boring. That’s not only a bad image; it’s also bad for the morale and work ethic. If you want to motivate your employees, you need to work on it and help them feel energised and ready to work as soon as they come into the office.

This can be accomplished by having more natural light and some office plants, or even an office garden. That can be used for relaxation or even for actual planting if you have the space.


A game room

It’s imperative for your staff to take enough breaks and to be able to rest and enjoy the office when they aren’t working. These break rooms tend to get more elaborate every year and it’s a useful investment to make because they are what drives the office morale. You can ask your employees what activity they would like to have in their break room, or you can try to satisfy everyone and add as many activities as you can.

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A retro look

A modern office doesn’t have to look like it came from a sci-fi movie, nor does it have to be a generic corporate boardroom with glass walls and blue lights. A lot of companies are embracing a more retro look that’s also warmer and cozier. Using exposed brick in combination with wood furniture makes the office appear lived in, and it appeals to the hipster crowd.

However, this doesn’t mean that the office shouldn’t be suited for the use of modern technology. There are ways to keep the office modern in its utility while keeping an old-fashioned look at the same time.


Personal touches

The office is a communal space. It should be equally appealing to everyone using it and that means that everyone should be allowed to add their personal touch to it. It’s perfectly fine for an office to project a certain look and to have a theme, but when it comes to personal workspaces –diversity is your strength.

The rules about this should be as broad as possible. Employees should be allowed to add art they like, arrange the lighting according to their own needs or even bring in furniture that will make them more comfortable. This, however, shouldn’t apply to the spaces that everyone uses together.

Designing a modern office can be tricky because it needs to appeal to those who are visiting it, but also remain comfortable for those who use it. Start with a broader theme in mind, but don’t forget that in the end, design is about functionality.


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