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How to do A Comparative Analysis! Between Blogger And WordPress

Bloggers these days have several choices in their platforms and mediums. They can write, talk, make videos, or upload images with captions. Whichever the case, the main choice they have is between using WordPress or Blogger. While both are hugely popular in the blogging world, they have their differences.

As a result, bloggers old and new need to be aware of the pros and cons of using Blogger and Wordpress. It's not really recommended or always possible to be a successful blogger using both platforms. Hence, we've chalked out a few of the ups and downs in order to help you decide:


1. The Matter Of Ownership

While Blogger is a free and steady service by Google, one does not own a domain there. If Google wishes, it can shut down your blog, or not allow you access to it. Since Google has its own agenda at times, this means that a blogger is really not as free in their speech when they use Blogger.

However, with WordPress, bloggers can buy their own domain.  This is when they use, instead of Once you have your own place, you can speak your heart out. Bloggers can thus create awareness and work away without having to worry about unexpected and unannounced shutdowns. Your data cannot be given to anyone else, and you can even control how much you want casual visitors to see. If you choose, you can even sell this domain for a tidy profit after it's properly built up.

2. The Level Of Control

The level of control for both blogging platforms is not just based on ownership, but the tools provided.  Again, Blogger does not fare too well here. It provides tools with limited ability, which only allow certain tasks and concepts. While this may be good for a beginner to learn the ropes, there is not much scope for growth here. Hence, if bloggers plan to expand a lot, they may not want to opt for this service.

WordPress, on the other hand, is not affiliated with Google but is an open source program. If you pay for them, you can get the right updates to suit your work. There are plugins, portfolio options, and customized themes to be had for the taking.

Looking at these facts, we would highly recommend to business owners looking to start a company blog. Private bloggers may use the free Blogger platform and not need to go beyond it. For those users who want more, though, WordPress is a much better option.

3. Staying Secure

With all the glowing facts about using WordPress over Blogger, there is one detail that sets the latter at an advantage.  Blogger is part of the Google world, which means that it would be secure most of the time. Unless Google itself decides to erase something, your hard work and data would not be going anywhere. In fact, even Google penalties can be overcome and the blog becomes stronger for it.

Hence, those on Blogger don't need to waste space and time making backups, managing resources, or taking other security measures.

For WordPress, one cannot be quite certain. It is true that it is a mostly secure platform, but one has to be prepared for anything. Since Wordpress is self-hosted, the bloggers have to be responsible for backups ad society themselves. On the bright side, there are several WordPress plugins available to make this job easier.

4. Moving About

Bloggers have to be prepared for moving their website around when the need arises. This could be for a number of reasons, including growth, stability, and a wish to reach a wider audience.

However, if one works with Blogger first, the act of moving your blog is not very easy. In fact, it is quite a risky decision to make. Moving your blog could mean losing your search rankings, your followers, fans, and subscribers. You could export whatever is on your blog, but the data would remain on Google’s servers for anyone there to use. Hence, your work is put at risk of being used for purposes other than your own.

WordPress is a delightful alternative in such a case. It doesn’t matter whether you want to change your domain name, your host, or move your whole site. Wordpress allows it all! When it comes to search engine rankings, Wordpress is again more advanced in SEO than Blogger is.


New bloggers would hopefully have a lot of questions answered about both WordPress and Blogger. However, one should be aware of the differences between the two choices as well as between them. If managed carefully, your decision could make all the difference in your blogging career!

While WordPress seems to be the winner in this comparison, one must understand that we are talking about the paid version of this platform. There is a lot to be said for the facilities WordPress gives is, but it does take something in return. Hence, we need to make a choice based on our pocket as well as the pros and cons discussed here.

Author Bio:

 JamesJhon is a passionate blogger and essay writer. Apart from being a veteran writer and blogger, she also offers her skills to students all over the world. She is an amateur photographer and loves clicking the natural scenes. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


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