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How to Entice People to Attend Your Fundraiser

High attendance rates are crucial for the success of every fundraising event. Here are some tips on how to entice people to attend your fundraiser.


High attendance rates are crucial for the success of every fundraising event. You can’t have a successful fundraising event without donors, but getting people to attend can be a tricky task. It’s not enough to just send a bunch of invites and hope that people will show up. In this blog post, we’ll show you a few proven methods you can use to improve the attendance rates of your next fundraiser.

Segment Your Guest List

As far as guests are concerned, quality is often more important than quantity. Many fundraising organisers make the mistake of inviting as many people as they can to the event without doing any type of segmentation. But segmenting your donors is important for several reasons. First, you can send targeted invitations to different groups of donors. Second, segmentation allows you to better cater to people’s needs. Not every donor is the same; first-time donors, for example, often require a little bit more convincing to donate. Segmenting your audience will help you approach different donors in different ways, which can boost donations and help you gather more money.

Invite People in Time

First things first, to get people to attend your fundraiser you’ll have to make sure to invite them in time and remind them every once in a while. First, send “save the date” email invitations six to four months before the event. Then send an official invitation three months before the fundraisers. Finally, send RSVP invitations two weeks before the event to remind people to show up while giving them enough time to prepare for the actual event. Don’t forget to adapt your emails to different donor segments as this can get you up to 65% more responses.

Write Handwritten Invites for Your Biggest Donors

Email invites are a great way to reach many potential donors instantly, but if you want to really get people’s attention you should take your invites a step further. We know that writing a handwritten letter for hundreds of people can be too much of a task, but there’s nothing stopping you from selecting a few of your biggest and most loyal donors and composing a special handwritten invitation for them. Make sure to use the invite to show your appreciation for all past donations, to invite them to your upcoming event and to elaborate on why your future fundraiser requires their presence. Receiving a highly personalised handwritten note will make people feel special, and entice them to show up.

Ask Them to Attend in Person

If you see a potential donor, don’t miss the opportunity to invite him or her to the event in person.  People are more likely to respond in a positive way when invited face-to-face than via email and direct mail. Big corporate events are a great place to meet potential donors and convince them to support your fundraiser. Once you invite them in person, make sure to get their contact info and send them official invitations as well.

Hire an Event Planner

Many people hire event planners to save themselves the hassle of having to organise everything by themselves. But did you know that apart from organising the event, professional event planners can also help you expand your guest list? Every event planning company has a list of partners, sponsors and potential donors that often visit the events they organise. By hiring an event planner you will get access to this list of potential donors that will be invited to your event and encouraged to donate money for your cause.

Use Social Media

With over 2.77 billion users around the globe, social media has become one of the major channels for communication and marketing. A great social media strategy can help you get more people to the event. Every social network has its advantages. You can use Facebook ads to reach more people or set up a Facebook event where people can check in, to get an approximate idea of how many people are coming.

You can post information about the event to your LinkedIn group and ask people to join in or you can ask your guest speakers, sponsors, and partners, to use their personal and professional network to spread the news about the event. Or you can create a special Twitter hashtag to create a buzz around your event and get people to join. The possibilities are many and it is up to you to choose which social networks you want to use to get more people to your event. 

Studies have shown that over 70% of people are interested in donating money to charities. It’s up to you to entice them to attend your event and give money to your cause. So next time you organise a fundraising event, make sure to follow these tips and increase the number of your donors and the gathered funds. 


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