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How to Evaluate your Local Area

How to Evaluate your Local Area

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delete: <p class="Bullets" style="text-align: justify; "> delete: <strong> Key Recomendations delete: </strong> delete: </p> delete: <p class="Bullets" style="text-align: justify; "> Below are some of the key recommendations made by Local Agents on working with independent evaluators: delete: </p> delete: <ul> delete: <li> in the most successful evaluations, consultants had prior knowledge of the sector and the FST area delete: </li> delete: <li> evaluators need to factor in community consultation delete: </li> delete: <li> evaluators spent time with the funded projects and other stakeholders in the community, gathering views to ensure that they were clear about strengths and weaknesses of the programme delete: </li> delete: <li> consultants with more creative and qualitative approaches may be more attuned to the spirit of FST. delete: </li> delete: </ul>

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