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Hiring a professional writer to create your content should not be taken lightly. Whoever you ultimately choose to do your writing will become the voice of your business, through their content. And, although they may remain anonymous themselves, your company name will be attached to anything they produce. For that reason, you'll want to ensure you take your time and hire the perfect candidate to do the job. To get you started in the process, here are some tips and tools you can turn to.


Experience is essential

When it comes to experience, an understanding of the businesses and niche is equally, if not more important than writing experience. Sure, someone may be a great writer in a certain area, but can that excellent writing be translated into your specific field? Writing needs to sound organic, and the author needs to sound like they know what they're talking about. Someone may very well be great at writing automotive content, but when it comes to the health and beauty industry, their written voice sounds robotic and unnatural. Readers can tell when someone either isn't interested in the topic or doesn't know that much about it, and if you're trying to promote your business with written content, the author has got to be an authority on the topic.

A candidate may have experience in the field that isn't directly writing experience – perhaps they didn't write about beauty products, but they were a makeup artist for some time. That sort of hands on experience is a great asset to have, because the writer has a firm grasp on the products and the audience, and will actually know the field they're writing about.

Don't be afraid to test a candidate's knowledge – if they say they're an authority on a topic, let them prove it. Give them a written interview to show you what they've got. Are they able to easily pull together content that is well written and matches the reading level of your audience? Use the Grammarix to double check any work you request, for spelling, grammar and readability.


Excitement isn't an option

Along with having a knowledge of the subject, your writer needs to have a passion for it. If they're not passionate about it themselves, they can't be expected to write with excitement and pass that on to your readers. Enthusiasm and energy are contagious, but if the writing you're putting out is lacking in that, your readers won't feel it. Keep the energy and excitement high with a writer who's skilled at their job and also highly passionate about the topic. It'll shine through in the content and readers will take note!


You get what you pay for

Price usually determines what you'll be able and willing to get in the end. An incredibly unbelievable writer is likely going to charge you more for content than someone who's middle of the road or even just starting out. Of course, you'll need to stick to your budgetary limits, so work within them to find someone who meets all of your needs. Students fresh out of school, without much experience are a great option, because they're eager to work and make a name for themselves. They'll likely work hard to prove themselves to you, and build up their resume for the future. Of course, you'll want to check their work before giving them a final thumbs up to produce your content. If you've given them a written test or interview with word limitations, Easy Word Count is a quick way to see that they've stuck to those limits. And, when you want to clarify the parameters of the different types of plagiarism to make sure none of that has happened, Help Australia or Academized are great references. If they've had to use any citations throughout their content, use Cite It In is the easiest way to check that they've done everything properly.


Use online platforms to find who you need

There are plenty of online tools and resources available to make the search and hiring process as simple for you as possible. Attract qualified candidates and hire the best one that fits your needs with the help of these websites:

Freelancers are available to do one time or long term jobs through this platform. There's a qualified person available to create your content, no matter what you need written. Set your budget and let candidates submit their proposals to you.

Get the job done through freelancer, where you'll have qualified candidates competing to work for you. Only after you're totally satisfied with the work that's been done will you release your payments.

Essay Roo and Australian Help provides quality assignment help service at affordable cost in a wide range of subject areas for all grade levels, team of highly skilled and experienced assignment writer, plagiarism free work, 24x7 availability of customer support, guaranteed on time delivery.

Text Broker 
Search engines like to see fresh content, updated regularly, and with the competitive rates of Text Broker, you'll be able to get more content for your money, allowing you to stay updated online and keep the search engines happy.

People Per Hour 
You're just a few steps away from hiring the perfect writer for your needs through People Per Hour. No matter what type of content you need written, you can find someone here who knows exactly how to get the job done.

Boom Essays 
When you request the services of Boom Essays, you'll be paired up with a content writer who is a professional in the same industry. This means your writing will always be relevant, in context and be written with authority.

What can't you find on Craigslist? Search here and you'll find anything and everything, including a writer to create content for you! One of the best parts about hiring locally through Craigslist is that you have the option of having meetings with your writer in person to discuss projects.

UK Writings 
When you're looking for a writer, you don't want just anyone creating your content. You want someone who knows exactly what they're talking about. What's so great about UK Writings is that they'll partner you up with one of their professional writers who's also an expert in your topic.

Further information

Finding and hiring a professional content writer is an important component of creating your online presence. That person will essentially be the voice of your business and brand, and will leave their impression on your readers and customers. Take the time to search for and hire exactly the right person, and make use of these tools to help you along the way.


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