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How to find the Perfect Office Space for Your Nonprofit

Finding the ideal place of operation for your nonprofit organization takes a lot of careful consideration and planning. You need to consider what are the essential needs of your nonprofit regarding location, space, and operational needs. Finally, there is the financial aspect of the whole matter along with the sustainability and business plan that has to predict your plans in the long run. These tips are here to help you locate the ideal office space for your nonprofit, even in a cut-throat real estate market like the one in London.


Write down a clear business plan

This is essential as it will provide you with a clear idea what are the basic requirements of your intended office space. Of course, a lot has to do with the goal of your nonprofit organization, and whether it will require volunteers to work in an office and on computers or out in the field. This specific fat will tell you the size of the space you are looking for. Next, you need to consider who you will be helping. If it is a specific community, your nonprofit needs to be located nearby, thus determining the location you need to consider. And finally, consider the amount of funding you will be able to rise to keep the nonprofit going, this will affect the price range you will be looking at. So as you can see a clearly defined business plan is an absolute must before you start offices pace hunting.


Enlist the help of the professionals

We know it sounds like a paradox, but starting a nonprofit will require some serious capital in order to get your organization off the ground. And deciding whether you want to get into the search process yourself or enlist a professional to help you find the space will have a significant effect on your budget. However, in most developed countries the second option is more preferable as it can lead to long-term savings when space itself ends up being far more affordable. Australia is a great example of this, as a recent survey showed that Australians trust real estate agents more than most. This means that if you are considering starting a nonprofit in the Land Down Under, you will be much more likely to hire a renowned buyers’ agent in Sydney then go about finding the location on your own. The same should apply for London given the fact that there is expected three-year office space shortage in this city.


Plan for the future but don’t get ahead of yourself

Most nonprofits want to offer a diverse program hoping to attract more people from the community. This often leads to choosing bigger spaces, but the fact is that there is no guarantee that you will be able to make use of it if you don’t see growth in interest from the members of the community, and then you will end up having to deal with far more space than you need leading to increased costs. It is definitely more prudent to find a space that has expansion opportunities, whether it is to space next door or above. But let the interest and the visible growth determine whether or not, and even when you might consider expanding your nonprofit office space. That way you will have a smaller cost at the very beginning, and you will have options for any future expansion that might come your way.


Get help from the community and the government

There are different ways you can get a hold of a great office space or even get the funding you need to buy or lease one. In the UK, there are organizations like the Centric Community Projects that offer workspace, offices, storage, training/meeting rooms in various places across the UK to eligible organizations. They are able to do this thanks to the generosity of the landlords who donate their empty commercial offices and buildings to them, rather than leave them unused. This is one of the options for finding the ideal office space for your nonprofit, but it is a bit tricky considering that the size and the locations of these spaces might not be what you need at this point. The other option is opting for government subsidiaries and funding. This will take a lot of additional paperwork, considering you’ll need to prove your charity’s income each year will be over £5,000 but could be a great starting point for further development.

Further information

These are just some of the things you need to take into account when finding the ideal office space in big, developed cities like London or Sydney. But with well-laid planes and some careful consideration, you will be able to pull it off without a glitch.


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