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How to fundraise on social media

The charity fundraising landscape is changing and it’s likely that more charities are going to start fundraising on social media. Traditional methods of fundraising such as print or telephone fundraising can also be expensive and involve risk. Social media can be a cost effective way to generate funds.

There are five key things you need to do to fundraise on social media.


Know your audience

Who do you want to donate to your campaign? What do you know about existing supporters, and can you reach them on social media? If you want to reach new groups then how could you do that on social media? For example, if you are trying to reach young women who are interested in fashion you could ask a fashion vlogger to share your campaign.


Show people why they should give

This is the most essential factor of any fundraising campaign. Unless you know why people should donate and how you can convince them to do that then your campaign will you be a waste of time. Do some work on your fundraising proposition and how best to communicate it on social channels.


Plan your content, key messages and tone of voice

Read our guide on how to campaign using social media


Make the ask

Not only will you have to ask often on social media if you want to encourage donations, but you’ll also have to do it in the right way. This means emphasising the factors that are most important to your audience. For example, if you are offering a sponsored fun run then you could talk about getting fit, or the chance to meet other people from your area.


Talk about milestones

You’ll need to take people with you throughout the campaign. So celebrate key milestones, whether quantitative (‘just raised another £500 for our community minibus!’) to qualitative (‘Celebrity X just tweeted about our campaign!’)


Demonstrate impact

Tell supporters about the difference their donations will make. What will they help your charity achieve? Show people the tangible outcome of the fundraising campaign on social media.  For example, you might say: 'giving £10 a month to charity XXX will ensure a hot meal every day for a homeless person'. Post this on your Facebook page, perhaps with a short video clip showing the type of person you could help. Tweet about it, add it to YouTube, get people to talk about it. It should also be clearly visible on your website.

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