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How to get buy-in for social media

Social media is still a new way of communicating for some charities. You may find that you need to work hard to demonstrate its value to colleagues. Here’s how to go about it.


Show its value

Assuming you’ve been on social media for a while, or your competitors have, what successes have you seen? Equally, are there other things it could help you do, such as increase efficiency in building relationships with parliamentarians, or fundraising more cheaply? Think widely about examples of good practice.


Tell people what your charity is missing out on

People sometimes worry that saying the wrong thing on social media would be bad for reputation. Whilst this is true, not using social media at all comes with its own risks. It’s likely that people are talking about your cause if not your organisation already on social channels. Does your charity want to be part of that conversation or not?


Be prepared to walk your colleagues through the basics

You might find that colleagues underestimate how much they know about social media already. Even if they just dabble in Facebook occasionally they are likely to have some understanding. Build on this by doing a one to one session with key members of staff where you take them through social media tips which will increase their understanding, showing how it can help them and the charity.


Work with IT

Digital is a relatively new discipline compared to IT, and the two don’t always see eye to eye. Make sure that you sit down with colleagues who work on this area and ensure you are on the same page. Find ways you can help each other and, if you can, set joint goals.


Manage expectations

Getting buy-in for social media is a long game and it might take a while before some colleagues become advocates for how it can make a difference. Have patience, be persistent, and above all be open and honest about what social media can help your charity do.

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