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How to get more followers on Twitter

Right, so you've set your organisation up on Twitter. You've thought about the kind of things you're going to tweet about and who's going to do it. You've tweeted but your followers are not growing. Here are some ideas to try to increase the number of followers.

Things you'll need

  • A twitter account
  • Some time to devote to Twitter

Tell people your Twitter handle

Sounds obvious, but do people know you're on Twitter? Do you have a prominent link on your homepage? Is your handle listed on your contacts page? Do you include your handle in your email signature? Is it printed on posters, reports or other marketing material? Do you publicise it on your Facebook page or other social media?


Follow other people

Follow other people and they will often follow you back. Find people and organisations related to your subject via the Twitter search or Google. Also, see who they are following and think about following them too.


#FollowFriday and #CharityTuesday

#FollowFriday and #CharityTuesday mentions are a good way to reach new followers. If you recommend other people using these hashtags (on the appropriate days), people may start doing the same for you.


Write interesting tweets

Do you use Twitter to just share news or ask for donations? These tweets are obviously important but Twitter is also great for conversations. People get tired of being marketed to and want an insight into your work. Engage with other organsations and people, show that you are listening as well as talking.

Think about the tone of voice you use. Twitter is informal so it's good to show some personality.


Use hashtags (#)

Hashtags are a good way of having a conversation with people who are not part of your community. For example if you are a environmental charity based in the Peak District, writing tweets including #peakdistict could attract the attention of people following that hashtag and they could decide to start following you.


Remember, it's quality not quantity

Don't fret if you don't have thousands of followers. If you have followers and they are engaging with you, that's great! Think about what you're trying to achieve with your tweets, if lots of people are following your links or retweeting (RT) your messages or signing up for events or making donations, then you are doing well.

Further information

See the other Twitter how-to's.



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