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How to drive traffic to your website using Facebook adverts

There are many ways you can use Facebook advertising to promote your charity, This guide focuses on driving traffic to your website.

Things you'll need

  • Facebook account and a charity Facbook page
  • A small advertising budget
  • An image and some advertising copy

Getting started

To start your Facebook advertising, visit and select ‘send people to your website’ from the list of options.

Facebook gives you a number of other options for different type of adverts, depending on your goals, including ‘get installs of your app’ or ‘raise attendance at your event’ and many others.

You’ll then need to enter the destination URL, i.e. the website you want people to go to.  


Define your demographics

You are now taken to a page where you can filter down and create your ad. Enter the location you'd like your ad displayed, i.e. United Kingdom, United States, Canada or multiple countries. You can select as many countries as you want. Then, select the age range you wish to target. You can also filter the ad by gender (the default is set to "All" but you can choose whether you want just males or females). If you want to target people who speak a certain language you can do so by entering the language but if you just want English speakers just leave it blank.  You can also specify demographics such as targeting individuals with a specific job title.

If you’re looking for visitors with specific interests, for example, volunteering, you can enter specific keywords. Your ad will then be shown to anyone who has expressed an interest in or liked a page relating to these terms.


Set your budget

You’ll then need to enter your daily budget in the ‘How much do you want to spend?’ section. Start off small such as £10. Next click on ‘Set the amount that a click to your website is worth to you’. This is how much you are willing to pay for each click to your website so you need to set the maximum per click that you are willing to pay.


Create your ad

To create your ad, select ‘What creative would you like to use in your adverts?’ and click on ‘select images’ to upload your own image. If you don’t have a suitable image you can just use one of the free images Facebook offers. Your image should be relevant, simple and engaging, but not distract too much from the ad copy.

Write a simple headline and a little detailed text about your ad. Make sure you include a specific call to action, such as "Fundraise for us and help beat cancer. Click here for more information”. Click on ‘advert preview’ to view how your ad will look on a desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed and desktop right column.

Make sure you remove ‘audience network’ to stop your ad appearing on third-party mobile apps.  

When you’re happy with your advert, click ‘review order’ and ‘place order’. 

Further information

Watch this step by step guidance on creating Facebook adverts to drive traffic to your website.



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