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How to go from moments to movements

Social media is full of moments that gather the attention of the target audience and lead to Facebook likes and retweets – and that is great to raise awareness! But if you want to change a behaviour, or raise support and really engage with people, you need to convert awareness into action. In other words, you need to convert moments into movements.


Create an outcome-based strategy

First of all you need to develop a strategy that will lead to the ultimate goal. To do this, you should first consider:

  • what are your desired outcomes?
  • how can you measure these objectives? 
  • who do you want to reach?
  • what is likely to motivate them?

Plan your strategy based on the answer to these questions.


Set up a journey

You need to create a journey for each one of your target audiences. This will help you to keep them engaged and involved, leading them to the final goal. Decide what are the different stages of this journey, from the first message to reaching your final goal. Determine the call to action for each stage, and what the best type of content is for each stage.


Make sure to connect the online world with the real world

In order to make your strategy effective, you need to focus in connecting the online efforts with the on-the-ground ones. Decide what call to action will engage your target audience to act on the ground, and in what stage of their journey will it be most effective to make that call to action.


Save space for community ownership of the movement

You need to create a balance between the creation of this strategy and adapting to the own flow of the movement – giving the community ownership of it. Consider:

  • whether and how your target audience could create something of their own, within the context of your campaign
  • how they can contribute
  • what tools or mechanisms you need to offer to facilitate that process
  • how you can be not only a content-creator, but also a context-creator.

Having this mindset and a well researched strategy placed, will give you the necessary basis to go beyond moments to create movements that help to achieve the final real-world goal, but don’t forget that the movement should have a flow of its own. Therefore, the balance between a planned strategy and the community ownership of the movement implies a lot of iteration and adaptation. Just don’t lose focus on the final goal and analyse the entire process at all times. Analyse the accuracy and effectiveness of your past efforts and plan and adjust the next phases.

Further information

This how to was originally published at on April 20, 2017.

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