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How to improve your content marketing

An outstanding content marketing strategy serves many purposes: it will increase your conversions, allow you to engage with your audience, and improve your chances of showing up on the first page of Google Search’s results.

Meaning that you certainly should invest in tools and services that can help you to achieve these goals. We’ve listed some options of online services that can take a content marketing strategy of your voluntary sector organisation to the next level.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that will give all data you need so to understand better your website visitor’s behaviour. It will tell you, for example, how your visitors interact with your pages, plus their demographics, interests, language, and location. You might want to know what type of content is performing best based on the number of times articles have been viewed, and Google Analytics can help. Or you could decide on the date and time that you publish content by looking at the time of day that your users are most active on your site.

With this crucial information, you will be able to tailor your content better and make it fit like a glove with your target audience’s needs and expectations.


Google Search Console

There’s no point in creating content if you have no idea how your audience will find it online. Rather than picking ideas out of the air, you can create a content plan that matches the questions your audience are asking with Google Search Console. With this tool, you can see the key terms that visitors are using to find you online. This neat little tool will also tell you if there are any technical errors with your website that can have an impact on whether people find you or not. 

3 will provide you with the most valuable long tail keywords available regarding any given topic you type in their search bar. Their list of results is very comprehensive, and you can get even more if you decide to go for a paid subscription. But you will be happy enough with what they give you for free. With all of this valuable information, you can create a content strategy that answers the questions that people are asking and is then much more valuable to your audience.


EssaySupply or PeoplePerHour

If you are finding it hard to keep up with the volume of content that you have to create, then you should consider hiring an agency or freelancer to outsource some of these tasks. And EssaySupply is an example of an online writing agency that offers much more than just academic papers. You can also consider them to edit and proofread your content.

PeoplePerHour is another well-known community hub that’s full of quality freelancers that you can get in touch with in a matter of minutes. The best part about this website is the freelancers will come to you. All you have to do is submit a request outlining the type of content that you need and people who fit your description will send you proposals.



Quora is an excellent source of information from experts in any given field. The online platform is open for anyone, but you will notice that many specialists are there happy to give you free tips on any subject you need. And if you search for content marketing, you will find a large number of questions already answered, so take your time learning from the best there.



CharityConnect is a social media network solely dedicated to the charity sector. Here, charity professionals come together and discus all of the latest topics and debates currently happening in the sector.

You can start off by discovering the groups that are relevant to you and then post a question. Soon you’ll see a number of charity professionals who have had similar experiences get back to you with the information that you need.

Better than this, you can also find people who focus on niche subjects. So if you combine your search for content marketing with and charity specific issues, you’ll stumble across the people that you need to get advice from and follow them. 



If you are concerned that your English writing skills need a bit of work, you can invest in Grammarly. Yes, you can have access to many of its features on its free version, but it is their paid app that will ensure that you won’t embarrass yourself ever again. Grammarly is a grammar and spelling checker, but it will also make vocabulary enhancement suggestions and check your sentence structure among other features.



Canva can turn anyone into a designer. It is so easy to use that you might forget that you’re there for work and just start messing around. They have a large library of templates and images for you to choose from, and their drag-and-drop tool is very easy to use. If you prefer, you can add it as a plugin to your WordPress blog. Not sure about what to create? Then have a look at their Design school with several tutorials and tips.



Now if you’re trying to create an infographic, then you should have a look at Piktochart. You can use their weekly updated templates to get it started and then edit fonts, texts so to deliver your message. After it, all you will need to do is to add charts, maps, icons, photos, or videos to make it more engaging.



Curata allows you to bring the best content that’s currently online in one place. It can help you to create curated posts to your website, give you inspiration, ideas, and allows you to discover the latest trends. So you should keep one eye on Curata, a self-learning software considered as the best of its kind with hundreds of thousands of sources. With Curata, you will also be able to save, share, and organize everything you have in no time.



But, do you want to know what people are talking about your industry or topics of choice? Then you should check Reddit. This social networking platform will give you insights that you won’t find on Facebook or Twitter, as they attract a different crowd eager to see if their links get up or downvoted by other users.



Content needs to be organised. It also needs to be really easy and accessibly for your entire team. CoSchedule is a content calendar map that every team needs. With it you can decide on when content needs to be released and clearly organise your marketing efforts with very little fuss. From articles to PDFs, White Papers and campaigns, you’ll be able to set and stick to the release dates of all of your content. You can get a 14 day trial to get to grips with the tool and see just how well it can work for you.

With their neat tools like the headline analyser and social media sharing queue, you can really maximise your content marketing efforts all from one platform.

Not to mention, CoSchedule also has an incredible blog with all of the latest information on content marketing trends. So you should definitely subscribe to their newsletter!



If you’re trying to measure the impact of your content and push your social media reach, then SumoMe should be your go to tool. This WordPress plugin allows you to add a number of great features to your blog that can give you some incredible insights into the way people are reacting to your content. From their heat maps to the image sharer, click to tweet and social media sharing options, you’ll have a pretty powerful tool kit that can measure just how well your content is performing.


Typeform, Survey Monkey and Qzzr

There will come a time and day that you have to ask your audience some questions. Whether this is about their personal experiences or feedback for your own internal use, surveys and quizzes are essential when it comes to content marketing. But they can be just as exciting and quirky as any other bit of content that you’re creating. So why not use some tools that can make it fun.

Typeform and Survey Monkey will allow you to create surveys for your audience and, if you end up going with a premium account, you can even make sure that your quizzes are perfectly branded. Qzzr on the other hand, allows you to create quizzes and polls in a fun, engaging and user friendly way. Send them in emails, on social media or even embed these surveys onto your website and keep collecting that all important information that you can use to make well-informed decisions.


Yoast SEO

We’ve said it before, it’s not just about creating content but ensuring that your audience can find it easily online. That’s why you need a search engine optimisation tool that allows you to see just how likely it is that your content will appear when people are using your key search terms. Yoast is a WordPress plugin that assesses how SEO friendly your content is and gives you a score (ranked by green, yellow or red). It then offers a list of suggestions to help you improve your content and increase its chances of showing up in the search results.


In Conclusion

So there you have some online services and tools that will help you to improve a content marketing of your organisation. They will be more than helpful for your everyday tasks, so don’t be afraid to introduce them to your strategy or to invest in the paid ones. The better your content marketing is, the higher your chances are to engage your target audience. And any help you can get in this direction should be welcomed by you.

In other words: start testing these tools now, check which ones are more suitable for your online organisation, and make the most of it.

Further information

Content for this HowTo was contributed by CharityJob, an NCVO Trusted Supplier, who provide a recruitment site for voluntary sector jobs.

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