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How to Improve Non-Profit Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is the source of your non-profit’s power. It dictates your staff members’ attitudes, beliefs, and interactions. As a reflection of your organizational values, it shapes people’s perceptions of your non-profit and its authority. Above all, workplace culture directly impacts your top employees’ wellbeing, keeping them satisfied and loyal to your organization.

Here are a few simple steps that will help you boost your non-profit’s workplace culture.employees



Increase your workplace operations

To grow your workplace culture, you first need to make sure that your employees have everything needed to do their jobs properly.

  • Increase your workplace sustainability, such as providing better lighting in the office or equipping adequate desks and chairs.

  • Increase your ethical principles and corporate integrity. This means undertaking initiatives to grow environmental responsibility, making sure that all resources are managed and used properly, and preventing the risk of fraud and corruption.

  • Invest in internal information systems and tech that support your daily activities.

  • Manage your bookkeeping and payroll efforts. Invest in a payroll card, reliable accounting software, and HR tools to automate these processes and stay on top of them.

  • Provide flexible hours and remote working policies that meet your employees’ needs.


Make your staff members feel appreciated

To reflect your values, missions, and goals, your internal corporate operations should match your external actions. Focus on building a workplace culture based on empathy, understanding, and ethical values to support the people who make your work possible.

  • Show genuine curiosity about your employees’ wellbeing.

  • Encourage constructive dialogues and communication between your members.

  • Boost your employees’ morale consistently. Prove you care about them by giving them an opportunity to contribute and involving them in your decision-making processes.

  • Ask them for feedback continuously and introduce the open-door policy and encourage your employees and volunteers to express their opinions, grievances, and ideas.

  • Embrace workplace transparency by doing regular assessments and providing real-time feedback. Express your expectations clearly and let your staff know where they stand.

  • Praise your teams for accomplishments regularly and help them celebrate both professional and personal milestones.


Provide career advancement opportunities

To attract new employees to your non-profit organization and retain them, you need to show you’re serious about supporting them and providing them with robust career advancement opportunities.

  • Build different projects that are professionally challenging and fulfilling.

  • Ask your employees about their career goals and expectations.

  • Provide mentorship programs and cross-education programs that will help employees grow their skills.

  • Implement personal growth with your professional development plans and encourage employees to balance their private and professional lives.

  • As your organization grows, make sure that salaries, bonuses, and other types of rewards match your employees’ expectations. They expect their hard work to be recognized and appreciated.


Promote your workplace culture both offline and online

To attract top talent and investors, you need to spread the word about your organizational culture.

Start by generating buzz offline by sharing promotional products, encouraging employees and brand evangelists to talk about you, and hosting conferences and charity events.

Next, grow your corporate culture online.

  • Create a highly functional website.

This is where you will publish relevant blog posts, share the latest news about your non-profit, create case studies, and display customer testimonials. This will increase your credibility and attract new employees and volunteers.

  • Have a social media strategy.

In a recent article for NCVO, Stephen Tutin the importance of recruiting young volunteers. Statistics say that 96% of young people aged between 10 and 20 did a social action. And, one of the most effective ways to grab their attention is to be present on social networks. Use these channels to publish your volunteers and employees’ stories, share behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and promote your events to spark young people’s interest.



Further information

Creating a cohesive internal culture that reflects your non-profit’s external values is a work in progress. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to connect with me!



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