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How to improve your time management skills

We all wish that there were more hours in the day. It is vital that you ensure your time is managed effectively so both you and your business can reap the rewards!

Business performance relies on how effectively time is managed, and exactly what you aim to get from your day. Rather that bore you with the lengthy details of exactly why time management is so vital. We have put together a guide to make sure that following your weekend, you start Mondays with a bang, rather than counting down the hours till you can go home. 

Things you'll need

  • 5 minutes to plan your time
  • Diary/Notebook
  • An open mind!

Plan Ahead

It’s a phrase we have heard all too often, and one that often gets forgotten. Why not begin your Monday by getting your team together, and set out an agenda of what you want to achieve that week. Get all the mundane housekeeping tasks out of the way so you can enjoy your week and reap the benefits! 

Plan exactly it is what you want to achieve each week, and at every month end you can look back and see just how productive you and your team have been. 



This is where both many individuals and businesses fall short. Regardless of how hard you may try, some tasks always manage to slip under the radar for more “pressing matters”. However the reality is that, if you don’t do the groundwork as your business grows you will unknowingly fall behind if the foundations are not put in place. Write a list of things that need to be done each week, and number their priorities accordingly. 

    Never move things down a list repeatedly. If something isn't getting done, ask yourself why - and never be afraid to ask for help and support from your team. 



    Let’s face it, things hardly ever go to plan...even when you do plan! Interruptions are an inevtiable part of the working week, from unplanned client phonecalls to meetings which over-run. Make sure you factor in time in your day and week for interruptions, that way if you don’t get any you will get more done, and if you are already prepared. 



      Whether you know it or not, things in your daily routine could be a serious distraction. The main culprit? Checking and responding to emails. There have been times when we all have a tendency to get into a generic email conversation with a client and feel a need to reply immediately. Suddenly without you realising half an hour has passed. Stop. Set aside fifteen minute slots throughout your day to respond to emails without other distractions. This way, if you devote specific time slots to replying to emails you can ensure that they have your full attention. 



        Conversation can lead to great ideas and great business, but rather that simply picking up the phone to call a client, take five minutes beforehand to think about why you are calling and what you want to say. Think about what it is you want to attain from the call and make sure that you get what you need from the conversation so you don’t waste their time and your own. 



          Keeping yourself busy at work is a great way to improve in your career path. However, taking out enough time to rest is also important to give your mind the ultimate peace. Make sure you’re giving sufficient time to your mind to be isolated from the stressful matters. In case you’re a management student, make sure you’re keeping enough time for yourself to pursue your hobbies. It not only helps you elevate your time management skills but also freshens up your mind to grow better.

          Further information

          Why not try and implement these tips over your coming working week and see how much more you can get out of a day. There are hundreds of time management tips out there, but rather than bombard you with lots, we say – why not get the basics right then build on the rest! Remember it is impossible to get everything done immediately. Success takes time, planning and effort. 


          For more information on how to manage your time effectively and how to grow your business into a success why not visit us at Converxion


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