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How to Increase Nonprofit Website Traffic

Website traffic is crucial for the success of nonprofit organizations. The more people you attract to your cause, the more funds you'll be able to acquire, to support that cause. Nowadays, everything is focused towards the digital aspect and nonprofits simply need to build their online presence and awareness. Without a website or online presence, your nonprofit organization will have many difficulties in supporting its noble cause. However, simply having a website isn't enough to attract interest or attract donors that will help out financially.

In fact, you have to make your website more visible and accessible online, in order to generate enough traffic. Still, nonprofits don't have the funds to allocate in costly activities to build website traffic, mainly because most of the funds they manage to acquire goes to the cause. Still, there are cost-effective and even free activities you can do to boost awareness and thus increase website traffic. That being said, here are a few ways to increase website traffic for nonprofit organizations.


Provide adequate information

When attracting people towards your cause, it's important to help them familiarize themselves with your organization, your activities, the cause itself and the way you do things. The best way to supply that information to your audience is through your website. People will always look for information first before they commit to something. In addition, having information available means people will come to visit and inform themselves, as well as stay on your website to explore further.

Moreover, make sure you provide contact information and address, in case your audience has any additional questions they need to ask. Being available to the audience shows that your nonprofit organization is committed and serious. In today's world, many try to exploit for personal gains on the backs of those less fortunate. That's why you can't blame people for being cautious.



Leverage SEO

If you want to boost traffic to your nonprofit website, then SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is certainly one of the best ways to do so. SEO requires investment, but it's a very cost-effective marketing strategy that will yield significant results not just for your website traffic, but also your nonprofit's visibility, credibility and relevance online.

Furthermore, SEO helps build organic traffic, which means you'll have more qualified leads coming back to your website. However, if you don't know how to properly engage in SEO activities, you can always seek help from a data-lead SEO agency that can help you out. That way, you'll ensure that your efforts are well worth it in the end. Through SEO, your nonprofit organization can favor good website traffic, as well as a good reputation online that will attract even more supporters.


Publish good content

Content is the best way to not only inform your audience about the cause you're supporting but also engage them through effective storytelling and encourage them to visit your website. High-quality content can generate interest and attention better than any other marketing method your nonprofit may use. However, you must have good content on your website, as well as publish relevant content to your audience on various media channels.

That way, you'll not only be able to engage the audience and inspire them to go to your website, but also engage them enough to stay on your website and support your case. Moreover, make sure your content is relevant to both your audience and your cause. Try to make your content inspire emotional response and commitment from your audience. That way, you'll have even more supporters for your cause.



Be more social

Social media platforms are an excellent way to build awareness for your nonprofit's case and generate good leads for your website traffic. Social media is also a great way to directly engage your audience and build awareness for your cause. In other words, being social on social media will help you not only improve website traffic, but also help you build your reputation. However, the audience on social media expects you to be available, so make sure you respond to their questions and comments in a timely and orderly fashion.

What's more, you can also promote content on social media pages. Content that goes viral can easily attract more supporters and donors to your nonprofit organization. Not only that but having a good relationship with your supporters can turn them into advocates for your cause. That means that they'll promote your organization further and encourage more people to commit. You can also try to contact social media influencers to support your cause and help you extend your reach to a broader audience.


Further information

Nonprofits require good exposure in today's modern day and age. The fact of the matter is that if you're not visible online it's like you don't exist at all. Having a website is just a start, but you must also actively engage your audience online to encourage them to visit your website and familiarize themselves with your cause. That way, you'll ensure that you have enough supporters, donors and volunteers willing to help you out.


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