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How to Increase An Employers Attractiveness with a Wellness Program

Away from being a norm in hospitals and healthcare clinics, wellness programs seem to be enjoying widespread acceptance in banks, pharmacies, groceries, departmental stores and many other businesses. It seems, more organizations and corporations are joining the bandwagon, investing in their employees and offering insane wellness remunerations. And indeed it appears employee wellness is more than an in-thing, perhaps a fad.

Things you'll need

  • Forget about the mere act of enhancing positive results either by the manager being a psychologist and a counselor or even advocating for the use of brain pills that positively affect the working of the brain, this one is taking over the scene like a Tsunami. The happening has elicited a chit-chat in virtually every aspect of it and commentators have had their divided opinions heard. Expectedly, some see it as a “morale disaster” and a “stealthy way of shoving coverage costs towards an employee.”

Don't listen to negative opinions against it

Despite many expressing their doubt about it, it is impressive to highlight how corporate leaders are funding these initiatives. Collectively, a whopping $8 billion is pumped into these wellness programs annually. However, it worth mentioning that it is the end effect of the wellness programs that matter and not the naysayers.


Facilitate a maximum engagement platform for employees

An organization’s management is tasked with facilitating a maximum engagement and performance platform for its employees. Yes – we can argue if such a program is the best, but we can’t dispute the mental, physical and emotional effect it comes with. It can significantly impact performance and morale and help combat absenteeism.
The magnitudes to which companies emphasize on employee wellness vary although all of them matter. In fact, of importance is the mere act of using it to show that you are thinking about employee’s health and you recognize the role such an initiative has on the workforce and future productivity.


Don't be afraid to make your wellness program wrong

The program knows no size, complexity or where and when it is launched. Its significance in contributing towards achieving a healthier corporate environment is what matters.

No definite formula explains how to go about it. And since it can take many angles, it is the role of the organization to tailor it as per its requirements. Many corporates often prefer using such preventative services as biometric screenings and health fairs while many others prefer focusing on health education.

With the flexibility of determining which plan actually suits your organization is the ease of customizing it to suit your demographics. Many organizations resort to using programs that bring together people with similar duties to eliminate all stresses. And with the power of the web having endless helpful resources becomes hard to start and manage.


Focus on emotional well-being

For an organization to roll out a wellness program, it positively yearns to improve its productivity and ensure its employees remain healthy. When it is customized to focus on emotional well-being, mental health, physical wellness and financial security, it becomes incredibly useful and wholly inclusive. As such, it will undoubtedly benefit those who are already healthy as well as anyone else.


Adapt it to the corporate ethos

Since every company has its own version of wellness programs, its significance also differ. And so, it is only significant when it is designed to augur well with a specific company’s culture as it will help ease the process of introducing employees to it. It will also help address issues and challenges within the organization. At a period when technology is virtually a basic necessity, applications that integrate with online platforms to allow access to free health information all the time are the best.


Give your organization a competitive advantage

If these programs had no real impact, nobody would have bothered to speak about them, which basically means they are paying off.  Reports show that these programs bring forth an average return on investment of about 3:1 owing to the reduced employee absenteeism, enhanced morale and decreased stresses.
Indeed workplace wellness programs have a potential to help recoup the over $8 billion pumped in every year. From the benefits above, it is clear why many are even hurrying towards kick-starting their own programs. Every year, American businesses lose over $550 billion due to unhealthy and inspirited employees. If you would like your business to realize more output, start a wellness program today!


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