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How to introduce your charity online

So, you want to take your charity online?

That’s great - the Internet, used properly, is a perfect vessel for getting people onboard with a good cause. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy tool to use, mind you. Just like with print media and television, there are certain things you’ll need to know in order to maximize your effectiveness.

And like any major marketing leap, there are certain things you’ll need to consider before you commit.


Know your donors

There’s no point creating a page on Kickstarter if none of your target audience have even heard of the platform, and it’s no use being on Twitter if your target demographic exclusively uses Facebook. An understanding if your donors is at the core of effective digital marketing - and that includes possessing knowledge of the platforms they use most frequently.

And even if you know where your donors are, you still need to reach them. You need to coordinate your approach between your different teams and departments. The most critical thing here is that you don’t treat digital marketing as a silo, distinct from the rest of your organization - instead, look at it as part of an organization-wide process.

Speaking of reaching your donors...


Have an outreach plan

Equally important as the platform you want to focus on is how you want to spread the word and raise funds for your cause.

Is a plithy video marketing campaign on YouTube the right choice for your charity? Do you want to run a series of competitions and contests on Instagram? Do you want to host live events and stream them to the web to increase your donations? Do you want to shell out for more traditional web advertisements, or dip your toes into the ocean that is content marketing?

More importantly, how will you handle donations given through the web? What sort of landing page will you create, and where will it be based? How will you manage the costs of website maintenance and platform fees?


Think about why you want to go digital

What do you hope to accomplish by marketing your charity on the web? Do you have a clear goal in mind, or a clear market segment you’re looking to serve? Or is this just something you’re doing because it seems like you should - because everyone is doing it?

If you answered yes to that last question, I’d advise taking a step back and thinking things over before you jump online. Your reasons for embracing digital marketing should be your own, and no one else’s. As the old adage goes, “if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do the same?”

Further information

This how-to is based on a blog post written by Brad Wayland, VP of Business Development at BlueCotton.


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