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How to keep skills fresh

This 'How to' will help you to analyse and identify the training and learning needs within your organisation.


What is training or learning needs analysis?

Analysis helps you to check existing skills and behaviours across your organisation. You can then plan how best to develop them to meet your future plans with the resources you have available. Ideally you should do this at an organisational level, a team or department level, and an individual level.


How to spot overall organisational training needs

Check your strategy and plans for future work. Assess what skills will be needed. Analysing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that face your organisation can be helpful. You can then decide what skills will be needed to strengthen the positive and avoid any issues that might arise.


How to spot team and individual training needs

Study team objectives and what skills will be needed to achieve them. Make sure objectives are set for appraisals and personal development plans and that training expectations are managed.


How to prioritise different training and learning needs

Analyse which needs are urgent and what impact they will have on future performance and success. Assess what the cost will be and the benefit of investment. You may be able to place a monetary value on the benefits of training and learning.


How to become a learning organisation

Having your leaders on board is vital. Make sure you explain how learning will help your organisation to best serve its cause. Encourage your people to share their knowledge and expertise.

Further information

The complete guide to keeping skills fresh is available for NCVO members. For further information on the benefits of joining the NCVO please visit the website.

See the NCVO 'Building a Digital Workforce' Toolkit which contains resources, guides and analysis tools to keep the digital skills of your organisation fresh.

The Skills Platform lists many eLearning and Training providers who specialize in skills development for the charity sector. 


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