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How to launch a fundraising appeal

Fundraising campaigns are main activity of any not for profit organisation in order to raise donations and create funding that is not ringfenced.

Things you'll need

  • A calendar and a team

Embrace it

Creating a fundraising campaign. You cannot escape it, you have to embrace it.
Campaigns were the main activity for many years, however in the new world we find ourselves, we have to be more creative and inventive in getting funds and creating revenue. This does not mean we no longer campaign for donations, we just need to be smarter at it.
A fundraising campaign to create Donations is a vital activity for all charitable organisations and while many people are happy to donate to their favorite charity, it takes hard work and sustained engagement to create a database of people who will continue to donate to you.
To begin this process you will need to create a fundraising campaign that gets noticed and encourages people to give money to you.


Advertise off line and online

You need to advertise your fundraising campaign to as many people as you can.
This can be done by:

  • Decide on when your campaign is to start and when it will end.
  • Create a diary of events and activities through the life time of this campaign.
  • Have a great opening event for your campaign.
  • Contact your local papers, local radio and TV and let them know when this campaign is going to start and get some great press releases ready.
  • Tell them about your organisation, why you are running the campaign, how much money you are trying to raise and what for.
  • Get as exciting a story as possible to make sure it gets published.
  • Ask for a reporter to be at the opening event to record and take photo’s.
    If no reporter attends, take your own photo’s and do your own report to send out the next day.
  • Organise local leaflets, posters and anything else that will grab peoples imagination. ready for the start date.
  • Create a banner to hand in your organisation so that everyone who comes in, is aware of the campaign and why it is so important.
  • Ask them to spread the word.
  • Have collection tins available and ways for people to donate that is easy for them and you. 
  • Create an online presence for the campaign.
  • Let everyone know when it will start, set up online donation availability.
  • Create a webpage just for the campaign and make sure everyone visits it and leaves their email address along with their donation.
  • Make sure every volunteer and staff member is spreading the word to gain donations.

At the end of the campaign

At the end of the campaign, have a thank you event, evaluate how well the campaign went and make changes if needed ready for the next one.

Continue building relationships with people who have already given and look forward to creating more donors to support the work you do. 

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