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How to make a fantastic funding bid

This how-to offers advice on the best possible application, essential dos and dont's.


Who should I apply to?

Understanding a funder’s priority is crucial. If your application will clearly further a funder’s goal, then you could have a strong case. However, if a funder’s goal does not compliment your own, then focus your efforts elsewhere. On the other hand, if a funder has previously funded a case similar to your own, the go ahead with applying.  


The things that funders look for

Funders want evidence that the need for your case exists and exactly how the money will provide for that need. It is important that the aims for fulfilling the need are clear and precise, and that there is a realistic budget for your case. The delivery of your case is vital so be sure your goals are realistic, all numbers add up and show your past achievements. Be sure all attention to detail is made with your applications and that an exit strategy is made, even if one isn’t required. These things will make funders have more faith in your bid. 


How can I show what impact funding will have?

This can be tricky, but one of the best methods can be simply showing past achievements of your organisation. This will mean providing quotes, case studies and stories as well as statistics. But be sure to keep your vision clear and not neglect the bigger picture. 


Top tips for style and tone

Keep your bid factual and precise at all times, avoid jargon. Try and ensure that your tone matches theirs, and bear in mind who will be reviewing your application – make it easy for them to understand and keep it to the point. Keep a file of supporting evidence and don’t keep masses of unnecessary material. Additionally, perhaps most importantly, don’t be greedy with your funding money. Playing with your numbers will only make for blanket appeals; just ask for the amount needed for a stronger case. 


How can I increase my chances of receiving further funding?

Be sure to complete all progress reports on time, as this is a mistake many make. This puts more trust into your organisation - other things such as being truthful in your feedback and making a personal relationship with someone in the foundation also ensures this. Lastly, be sure to acknowledge your funders support in your publicity to make a bigger chance of further funding.


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