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How to Organise an Event as an Agile Project

According to the last global survey of project management practitioners by the Project Management Institute , more than 70% of organisations used the Agile approach to managing their projects at one time or the other. The Agile approach, once mostly reserved for software development, has officially jumped industries. One of the fields it has jumped to is event organisation and management. The Agile approach has to be modified to better suit the specific nature of non-profit event organisation and management, but just looking at some of its ideas and goals, it becomes clear why it is an exciting proposition: Empowering self-organized and cross-functional teams Enabling effective internal and external collaboration Improving adaptability Continuous improvement Delivering more value The following steps will help you build the foundations for your first (and hopefully many future) Agile non-profit events.
Page last edited Sep 18, 2018

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