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How to Plan Team-Building Activities For Your Non-Profit

To some, planning a team building event seems like a piece of cake. On the other hand, if you’re doing it for the first time it might seem a bit overwhelming. No matter how experienced you are in this kind of event planning, you need to be thoroughly organized. It’s not only about finding the right activity and sending the team there to have fun and build relationships. There are plenty of details to be taken care of before they are off to their destination, so let’s see what you need to do in order to plan a team building event for your non-profit.

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Give yourself time to plan

The more time you give yourself to thoroughly prepare and plan the team building event, the easier it will be. Nothing done last minute can be done great or with easy, so leave enough time for everything. It is recommended to leave four to six weeks for planning a team building activity for less than 100 people. If your guest list is a bit longer, then you should have at least four to six months for it.


Once you have given yourself enough time and roughly determined a timeline of the organization, you should put everything on paper or in Excel spreadsheet and make it easier to follow your plan through.  Such a list will only help you follow every detail that needs to be done and to complete it on time.


Organize a planning team and set the budget

When planning an event for bigger teams, it might be too much for you to do it alone. That is why it is a good idea to set up a planning team in order for everything to be followed through and taken care of. If you have a team, you can easily delegate tasks and include your colleagues into making decisions and getting ideas for your event.


Now that you have gathered a team for the planning, you can all sit together and decide on the budget. For a realistic image of how much money can be reserved for a team building event, it is best to talk to your boss. However, if your boss doesn’t have a concrete answer, you can ask about the budget of a previous event to get the sense of what to expect. Then, make sure to put all the necessary things on paper and how much they cost and you can get the exact idea of how much money is going to be needed.



Pick the activities

For a successful team building event, you need to make sure you have picked the right activity. Obviously, this will be something that can be done as a team, but you have plenty of options. If your budget is tight or there isn’t much time for some long-distance events, it’s best to pick some games you can all play at the office. You can play question games with the teams and get them to know each other better and start communicating. Also, you can find some great problem-solving team games where the teams can think and plan together in order to win.

On the other hand, if the resources are bigger, you can organize the event outside. For example, you can easily book a paintball terrain and have the teams think of strategies together on how to win over the other team. Additionally, you can visit a local gym or a dojo and see if they offer something for team building. It is a good idea to get your employees to vent a little by learning boxing or wrestling. It could be practised for self-defence, as stated in Fighting Report blog, or you could try it just for the sake of having fun “fighting” each other.


Set the time and date

Picking a date and time for team building seems easy, but there is a lot to consider. Every employee probably has a busy schedule, some people may have booked their vacations or anything similar, and you need to work around that. Before setting the time and date, check your employees’ availability and aks around which dates they would prefer for this event. Also, the last thing to check is if the weather is going to serve you on that day, especially if it’s an outside activity.


Take care of the logistics

Last but not least, you need to take care of the smaller things. Have a detailed checklist which will help you remember everything that needs to be done. Here is what you can put on your logistics list:


  • Food and drinks - who will be providing these and which are the best options?

  • Transportation - who is paying for it, how much space you need, are employees going to drive by themselves?

  • Accommodation - if you’re going to some other city, how many rooms you need, who will stay the night, who is paying?

  • What to bring - let your employees know if they need anything special to bring to the event.

  • Special circumstances - what kind of arrangements you need to make for employees with disabilities or injuries?

Further information

Team building events are always fun, but there is a lot of thorough planning behind. Get a team for planning, pick the activities, take care of the budget and all the other details will be much easier to handle.



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