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How to produce and sell Christmas cards

Here are some tips on how to produce and sell Christmas cards to raise funds for your charity.



Producing your cards

Generating your own art work or image can save the expense of paying for images. Here are some ways to get an image for free:

  • partner with an artist  - do you know of a local artist who might be able to donate or create an image for your cards? For example, wildlife artist Andrew Haslen supports The World Land Trust by donating the use of his artwork images to be sold as cards. The Lancashire Badger Group sell Christmas themed badger cards drawn by an animal illustrator.
  • run a competition – invite supporters to send you their entries. Set a theme, terms and conditions and a deadline. Artists are often keen to have their images used.
  • create your own image - do you have appealing winter scene photos of your wildlife residents? Or perhaps you have a budding photographer amongst your volunteers who could create a photo for this year’s card?
  • Use a card generation scheme – many schools and children’s charities use card schemes to generate income. Each child designs a card, then the parents are invited to buy packs of the printed cards to generate income for the organisation. Schemes like the one run by Art Projects for Schools can be customised to suit other organisations. If you run a children’s club or art sessions, this might be a good way to turn activity into funds. 

Selling your cards

Before you go ahead with creating Christmas cards plan where you will be able to sell them. To maximise income potential try using a range of sales points such as:

  • a busy reception area
  • Christmas fairs
  • via your website
  • promotion in your newsletter.

You could also ask local businesses and shops to support you by selling the cards on your behalf.

Recruit seasonal volunteers to help promote and distribute your Christmas cards. 


Generating income

Generate income from cards by signing up to a company such as This all-year service of personalised greeting cards, allows your supporters to buy cards which generate a 20p per card donation for you.

Further information

This how-to is based on a blog post written by fundraising consultant Gemma Kingsman for Tennyson Insurance now Zurich Insurance.



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