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How to promote your event

This extract is taken from the NCVO guide to running a stress free event. Here you will find information and advice on how and when to promote your event.


When to begin

It’s essential to allow enough time to create a buzz and allow people to plan to attend your event. As a rule of thumb, think about beginning a publicity campaign – or at least notifying likely participants – six months in advance.



If applicable, a sponsor can be a powerful force in helping to promote your event. If you don't have a sponsor on board, consider whether you can attract a celebrity or 'trail' details of high profile speakers. Some venues are open to sponsorships as well.


Posters, flyers and letters

Publicity in hard form should be clear and informative. Don't include too much information but ensure that all the crucial details are present and correct. This should include what the event is, what it is in aid of and who is running it. Deatils of who to contact for more information should also be included.



Email can be an extremely effective tool for promoting your event, and regular e-bulletins can help generate excitement. Don't send out the same email every few weeks; include new developments and the latest news about your event. Ensure that each email includes all the crucial details mentioned above (and a link to your website) and that you comply with data protection legislation.



Make sure that your website and social media accounts are updated regularly. Don't overlook traditional media: can you encourage press and photographers to attend?


Promote Your Event

There are Few ways which you can do by yourself to promote your event using a Free classifieds, Google Adwords, Blog Articles Writing, Press Release, Media Release etc. These are the very effective way of promotion for event.

Further information

The complete guide to running a stress free event is available to download for NCVO members. For more information on the benefits of joining the NCVO please visit the website


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