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How to Properly Organize Office Interior

Just like at home, an organization of space is important at work. Employees spend at least 30 to 40 hours a week in the office, which is sometimes more than at home. Therefore, office interior needs to be properly organized so they wouldn't feel welcomed and comfortable.

Since all employees want to run a productive business, they must pay attention to the conditions in which their employees work. It actually doesn't take much to create an environment that will be less stressful, but rather will and knowledge. Therefore, here is some advice on how to properly organize the office interior to everyone's satisfaction.


1. Declutter the space

Even the mess at your home is not something to be proud of, let alone the clutter in the office. While hiring a cleaning service for days after hour tasks will take care of hygiene, you need to create order. No matter how comfortable your office space is, it is a place of work and not leisure.

In order to inspire employees to participate, place recycle beans in the hallways so they would be more responsible for picking their own mess. Designate a storage space for boxes, stationaries and other things your office needs with one person making sure everything is in its place. Be clear that every employee should wash their own cups and put the food back in the fridge like milk, for example.


2. Welcome natural light

Although it can be blinding, natural light creates a positive atmosphere at work. It will motivate your employees more to reach their full potential and help them focus. Use curtains that will let in the light, but tone down its strength so people can work in the undisturbed environment.  

Poor lighting can negatively affect the eyesight, while dark offices increase the stress levels. With light window treatment, you can eliminate the bothering effect of sun, and enjoy a well-lit space. There are many artificial lights now emulating the natural one, so consider installing those for employees who work late.


3. Be smart about the furniture

The computers are smaller and many offices opt for using laptops. Thus, your employees won't need as much working space as they did when they used bulky desktop computers. Furthermore, it's important that the desk and chair have ergonomic properties so your employees would feel comfortable.

Also, use lazy bags, couches and coffee tables that will also allow them to relax during a break. Think about tables and chairs for the kitchen so they can have lunch or a cup of coffee with colleagues. Even the waiting area should have cozy furniture so your clients wouldn't get stiff while waiting.   


4. Designate office areas

To properly organize office interior, it’s best to designate areas for certain activities. The most usual ones are recreational area, kitchen, meeting room and, of course, offices. These may seem like a handful, but actually investing in these areas will help you create a productive and motivated environment.

Since not every business has Google’s budget, you don't have to go overboard with the rec room. Just create a space where your employees can rest and relax. The same applies to the kitchen since coffee maker, kettle and fridge are enough, although equipping space more will always be welcoming.  


5. Say bye to paper

Many offices decide to go green and it’s actually a welcoming move by many employees and community. Start off with something small like paper to make the transition easier. Use flag banners to inform your employees about teambuilding events, company parties and other occasions you would usually use paper for.

Create online forms for employees to fill when they have a complaint, suggestion or proposal. If you can’t stop using paper completely, buy recycled one and make sure that you participate in recycling as well. You will immediately notice the benefits of having less paper in the office since the practice will declutter the space and minimize fire hazard risks. 


In the end

Once you properly organize office interior, you will want to do more when you see its benefits. If you are about to move your business to a new office, then it will be easier for you to make these changes. However, with some enthusiasm and a small budget, you'll create a productive ambiance and motivated employees as well. 


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