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How to Protect Your Nonprofit's Reputation

In this modern day and age, information is easily obtainable over the Internet. This plays a vital role for anyone who wants to build and maintain a good reputation in the online world. Your actions will speak on your behalf and people will decide whether to relate to what you're doing or not. This is especially true for nonprofit organizations. The main reason is that they use their good name and reputation to ensure support and funding from people who relate to their cause.

If you do anything to ruin that reputation, you will lose supporters and you won't be able to achieve your goal. No matter how noble your cause is, people are still cautious when it comes to donating funds or supporting your cause. It's not really a surprise, as there are those who are willing to cheat and con people into donating to something they believe is good, but it turns out to be a scam in the end. If you want your nonprofit organization to be successful, you have to build a good reputation and protect it at all times. Here are a few ways you can achieve that.


Build your online presence

A first step towards building your online reputation is building your presence. You have to make your nonprofit organization well known to your target audience, in order to attract volunteers and donors, as well as to improve awareness about your cause. For that you'll need a well-organized and functional website where your audience can stop by to get additional information and provide support. You should also start a social media promotion where you'll improve the visibility of your organization.

Social media platforms allow you to engage with your audience, in order to share content and provide information about the cause you're endorsing. Make sure you showcase your commitment and the work you've managed to accomplish so far, as well as ensure you're transparent at all times. This will motivate your audience to become more engaged and provide more support for it. In addition, build a relationship with your supporters and engage them on an emotional level, so that they'll become encouraged to promote your case further and help you attract more followers.


Develop a strong brand

Developing a brand can be of great assistance in building and protecting your nonprofit's reputation. A good branding strategy allows you to establish more personal relationships with your audience and supporters. It also allows you to extend your reach and have more influence, as well as credibility. With a strong brand, you can attract sponsors and collaborators to your organization that will not only help you endorse your cause, but also help you improve your reputation.

However, before you begin, it's important to tell your story in a way that will show your audience the importance of your cause and its impact on modern society. You have to evoke an emotional response from your audience, so that they'll be more willing to support your cause. A strong brand with a strong message is the foundation for your online reputation. Also, your work, as well as your efforts, are the best means of protecting that reputation.


Ask for feedback

Communicating with your audience and everyone else involved in your organization or your cause, is the key to building trust and a reputation. People will undoubtedly have questions, concerns and even suggestions about the charity, the cause and the way you support that cause. It's very important for you to be open and communicate with supporters at all times.

It allows you to put to rest any misunderstandings or wrong conclusions some people might have, while allowing you to effectively protect the reputation you've managed to build. It's also a good idea to endorse some of the suggestions your supporters may have. You can ask them to conduct paid surveys online, where they'll provide you with feedback in exchange for a simple incentive. It is a give-to-get strategy that will help you improve your efforts and show supporters that you value their opinions.


Always be transparent

Your best tool for maintaining and protecting your nonprofit's reputation is transparency. Being transparent is very important, especially in the online world. When people can see what you're doing, how you're spending the funds gained from charity and fundraisers and how you're supporting the cause, they're much more willing to trust you and show their support as well. You can showcase supporter reviews and firsthand experiences from your volunteers.

What's more, you can display your 990 form on social media and your website, so that the public, donors and supporters can evaluate how you operate. In addition, regularly update your program information, charity information and recognition for your supporters. When people can see how you operate, it's much easier to manage and protect your nonprofit's reputation.

Further information

Reputation is very important for nonprofit organizations these days. The better your reputation is, the more awareness and public recognition you'll be able to gain. When people know that you're a reputable organization, they'll be much more willing to donate funds and show their support for your cause. In addition, the more supporters you have, the easier it will be to protect your reputation.


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