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How to raise money through organising a charity fundraising concert

How to organise and promote a charity fundraising concert.

Things you'll need

  • time
  • enthusiasm
  • like-minded friends to help you

Find a cause you believe in

In my experience, the people who work the hardest to achieve maximum results are those who really believe in what they are doing. Your motivation and passion will come through in all your communications with attendees and should help you raise lots of money for your cause.


Involve your friends and your enemies

Make it fun, many hands make light work. Sharing the experience with a great group of friends passionate about the same cause and music will make putting on the event a lot easier and fun. You will be amazed with the number of great ideas you can come up with just a few like-minded people.


Do not underestimate human goodwill

As the old adage goes “if you don’t ask you don’t get”. In the last two fundraisers I have put on we have managed to get free venues, free soundmen plus a whole host of sponsors to support the event donating gifts ranging from meals for two and mobile phones. This principle applies to chugging, when collecting money I have tried to talk about the cause first then ask people if they wish to donate rather sticking a tin underneath someone’s nose.


Look after the talent

Most bands will support your cause for free; in appreciation of the time they have giving up I have tried to organise radio and press interviews for headlining bands. Interview example.


Use online networks

Social media is your friend; setting up a Facebook event is easy. Ask your friends and bands playing to spread the word and you will be amazed how quickly your event can acquire attendees. Twitter although slightly more scary as currently it is less used has become a great way to raise the profile of your event. It gives you the ability to connect with a wide range of potential attendees but also potential givers and media outlets who could promote your event or cover it. 


Be prepared to be flexible

As always everything will not go to plan, be prepared to improvise on the day and in the build up. Mentally preparing yourself for the odd hiccup on the way makes dealing with them much easier upon arrival.


Keep track of the money as you make it

Safeguarding your funds is essential; make sure your constantly “bank” your money throughout the day. Keeping a close eye on what you have made is not only sensible but really exciting as you witness how much money you have raised.


Create an online giving account

This is a great way to raise funds from friends and those who support the cause but can not make your event for whatever reason. Recently a senior colleague of mine made a very generous donation. He told me that he had been meaning to give to the Haiti cause and I just gave him that opportunity by setting up a donations page.


Most importantly, have fun

It doesn’t matter if you make £20 or £1000, you are doing an amazing thing to benefit people less fortunate than you, be proud and enjoy the day.

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