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How to Reach More People Online With Your Nonprofit

For better or worse, a charity is much like any old business venture in the modern world – the competition is strong, the demographic requires a strong incentive, and there is a need to attract as well as reach out to supporters with the help of a comprehensive marketing strategy. However, times are changing rapidly, and the offline methods that may have worked in decades past are now giving way to online marketing in hopes of higher brand visibility and engagement. Let’s take a look at some of the winning online tactics for a successful nonprofit organization.


Focus on building a noteworthy brand

First things first, brand-building should be your no.1 priority if you are to stand out from the masses and strike an emotional connection with your audiences. Building and preserving deep, emotional relationships with your demographic is especially important for a nonprofit, as people will feel more inclined to join your cause when they feel they are a part of your struggle.

Along with the problem of fundraising, building a brand can be a demanding task. Focus on building an identity for your brand first – a personality people can relate to through its unique visuals, tone of voice, and values. These key traits will allow you to create a brand people will want to be a part of, so focus on crafting compelling stories that will inspire and incentivize them to take action.



Let your content attract new supporters

Aiding a good cause sounds simple in its essence, yet the entire concept of altruism and selflessness has been contorted and distorted over time, making the simple act of giving overly complicated and difficult. This is exactly why you need to turn it into something simple and rewarding for the modern supporter. Aside from thanking them for their contribution, you should focus on crafting stories and messages that will influence their decision-making process in the first place.

Content is king in the online world, and by publishing on your website regularly and inviting people into your world, you can help them grasp the importance of your cause. Don’t just focus on negative stories or try to guilt them into contributing, but instead help them visualize a world where your struggle doesn’t exist. Now, let your stories paint that world for them and inspire them to make a change.



Don’t forget about search engine rankings

SEO is one of the most important elements of effective online marketing, and if you want to put your nonprofit in front of the right audience and expand your brand’s reach, you should create your content and your entire online presence with SEO in mind. In fact, ask any modern digital marketing agency and they will tell you just how important SEO is for the visibility and performance of your brand in the online realm.

So much so, that if your content is not SEO-friendly, you can expect Google to penalize and throw your website into the abyss of its second and third pages – a place where no one is likely to ever find you again. To avoid this, focus on meticulous search engine optimization across the board, avoid common KPI pitfalls and watch as your organic search traffic rises exponentially.



Build a user-friendly, trustworthy website

Building a trustworthy, reliable brand in the modern business world is not an easy task, as global audiences are becoming increasingly weary of online scams and faceless corporations gunning for their livelihoods. You need to create an aura of trust around your name and your entire online presence, which is why you should support the aforementioned steps with a beautiful, transparent, and user-friendly website.

As a nonprofit, you will be taking contributions from supporters around the world, and aside from being compliant with GDPR guidelines and emphasizing the discretion with which sensitive data is handled on your website, you should also focus on creating an aesthetically-appealing presentation.

  • Start by making your website responsive by reducing loading times.

  • Follow it up with quality, unique photos that are relevant to your cause. These will grab the visitor’s attention.

  • Make your copy stand out by crafting a landing page headline with urgency, substance, and relevance.

  • The bulk of your copy should inform the reader on the importance of your cause, and also present your brand’s identity, values, and its invaluable role in the world.


Boost your social media presence

Last but not least, it’s important to realize the power and potential social media has for the growth and recognition of your nonprofit in the online universe. The three-billion-strong social media audience represents a wealthy pool of opportunities, which is exactly why you want to make your brand visible on all relevant platforms. Include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in your social media marketing strategy, but don’t forget to join platforms and forums for nonprofits where niche demographics gather – these are the places where you will find your ideal audiences.

Further information

Marketing a nonprofit to the modern digital consumer is not exactly an easy task, especially when you consider the inherent allure and instant gratification that commercial brands offer. Nevertheless, with these principal marketing tactics, you can safely pave the road to recognition and long-term success in the online world.


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