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How to run effective campaigns

A step-by-step guide to planning and running an effective campaign.

Things you'll need

  • Lots of commitment and enthusiasm!

Define your issue

  • Set a realistic goal for your campaign.
  • Think of a clear, simple message that communicates your aim.
  • Does your message have a good ring to it? Can you visualise it on a T-shirt, a banner? Do you like what you see?

Gather your evidence

  • Research the cause you're campaigning for thoroughly.
  • Gather testimonials about the importance of your cause.
  • Back up your testimonials with facts (Has the issue been covered by the media - online, offline? Are there any studies or surveys about your cause?)
  • Put together a concise objective argument for your cause.
  • Be prepared to answer difficult questions about the importance of your cause.

Find useful allies

  • Target people who understand your cause or have a connection to it.
  • Get in touch with organisations set up to help causes such as yours (ask for advice, access to experts).
  • Get endorsement from a celebrity.
  • Ask your supporters to sign a petition in favour of your cause.

Know who to lobby

  • Identify your routes of influence.
  • Use your own contacts to get to the people at the top.
  • Could your local MP help?
  • Don't get disheartened at the first hurdle, lobbying is hard work!

Use a range of tactics

  • Leaflets, newspaper coverage and a good website are all useful.
  • BUT... try a little more creativity - what would make your campaign stand out and get people talking?
  • And finally, don't forget to assess how you're doing (number of hits on the website, media coverage, discussions in Parliament, etc).

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