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How to Successfully Launch Your Voluntary Organization


The importance of voluntary societies cannot be overrated. If you are striving to make a difference by setting up a non-profit organisation in the world driven by money or the pursuit of money, consider yourself a hero.  In the end, it is a big heart that can make the earth a better place, not a big wallet. For your philanthropic project to be successful there is a staggering amount of things to consider. In this article we will concentrate on the most important steps to be taken in order for your organisation launch to be successful.

Things you'll need

  • Business plan
  • Desire to start your own society

Create a Business Plan

First of all, you need to create a business plan in which your goals, potential risks and a scope of activities are outlined. A good business plan will help you attract funders as well as volunteers. In case analytical thinking and eloquence are not your strongest points, and you need a hand with creating it; you can use, if needed a dissertation writer.


Define a scope of work

Secondly, you should plan a scope of work for volunteers. Define the amount of people required for various tasks, what type of training they need to undergo and the assets and tools necessary for their activities. For instance, if your aim is to clean up river banks, do you have the equipment for it? In case you plan to vaccinate stray dogs, make sure the volunteers are familiar with the immunization procedures.


Attract volunteers

The next step involves creating role descriptions and attracting volunteers. A recruitment appeal must be persuasive and catchy. You can motivate people to join your organization based on religious beliefs, by appealing to their social responsibilities or sociability. Once announcements of a volunteering project or a social media page have been created, booklets have been given out, you are bound to be contacted by those who are interested in the project.


Know the people you will be working with

It is highly advisable that you conduct interviews with the volunteers-to-be. This will help you get to know people better, find out about their skills and experiences, define  positions that interest them and that will be most suitable for volunteers . Tell about the support and training workshops you are ready to offer as well as the organizational structure and whom they will be subordinate to. It is important that a potential candidate has realistic expectations of the organization as well as of their role in it. If a person is interested, invite them to be part of your team.


Train your volunteers

The final stage of the groundwork includes volunteer training, setting common and individual objectives and forward planning. You should also ensure effective supervision and think of the formal and informal ways to reward your volunteers for all the work that they will do.

Further information

To sum it up, a noble goal outlined in your business plan, a friendly team of volunteers supervised by an experience coordinator, relevant material resources and equipment are the cornerstones of any successful voluntary campaign.  Now that you know the main steps involved in launching a voluntary organization, we wish you good luck with your project and thank you for your contribution to the society!


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