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How to tell the story of your event using Storify

Got so much content for an event and not sure where to put it? Or perhaps you just want to capture the social media discussion around your event.

Storify allows you to drag and drop from a range of social media channels and gives you the opportunity to add headings and commentary so that you can add context or information to your 'story'.

Things you'll need

  • Content and time

Think about the content before the event

A Storify can be a real resource after an event and can become a timeless resource that is for those who attended and those who couldn’t make it.

It’s likely that you will already be thinking about what content you have for the event but it would be useful to think about it in relation to how you can make this post-event content into a story. Can you get images? Do you have background reading that would be useful? Is there audio? What slides will be available?


Start it right away

Once you have any of the content (mentioned above) start your Storify right away. It will save you time in the long run, and time you will need, as you usually have to do this straight after an event to get in the post event/thank you communications after the event.

After the event has taken place you want to get your tweets into your Storify asap. As days pass the Twitter search starts forgetting tweets.


Make the most of your tweets

There are a couple of tools that make including your tweets in your Storify insanely easy.

  1. search your hashtag in the Twitter element of the embed tool bar (right hand side)
  2. scroll through your tweets and select ‘show more results’ at the bottom until all of your tweets from the event appear
  3. select the ‘add them all’ option given just below the search bar. Now your tweets will be in your Storify.
  4. in your Storify you have some editing tools at the top. One option is to reorder, I usually make it so it’s oldest first.

Embed, embed, embed

Now you have your tweets in, what else do you have that can add to the story?

The embed tool bar (right hand side) allows you to embed video and even GIF’s. However if you have something else you want to embed, do not fear there is an option to embed URL. You just stick a URL in and it will come up as a nice little drag and drop image with title. I’d highly recommend using slides when you have them.

For us SlideShare is one of our most well viewed forms of social media. Once you’ve got your slides on SlideShare you just stick in the URL, drag them into your Storify and readers will be able to flick through the slides within the Storify. We do this a lot, an example is one we did for our Volunteering Forums You can also do this for blogs or webpages which is good if you have a particular call to action.


Make sure your first image is a good one

This is important because the first image on your Storify (tweet or uploaded image) becomes your banner picture and because it’s quite large it becomes quite a prominent part of your page.

It’s great if people tweet lots of pictures but if you have lots of your own I would recommend using Flickr and then dragging and dropping them into your page.


Use headings and background

Do not lose sight of it being a story. Make sure you offer context to all the content you have and try and give the Storify a personal touch.

If you can't see how to add text you can just click on a bit of blank space on the page and it should come up.


Let your contributors know

Once you’ve pressed publish you get the option to ‘share and notify’ those people whose tweets have been included. It’s a nice reminder to say thank you and will help the ‘share factor’.

Further information

Worth trying the app too.


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