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How to use Facebook Insights

Everyone knows how important having a social media profile is. It’s a great place to spark conversation, listen and engage with supporters. But it’s not always easy to produce content with high engagement levels, and Facebook’s algorithms means that your content doesn’t always make it into supporters News Feeds. Luckily, the Facebook Insights tool is on hand to help you understand your audience and maximise your impact.

Here are five useful features for those who are new to Facebook Insights. Just log into your Facebook account, visit your Profile and click ‘Insights’ at the top of the page to get started:

Things you'll need

  • To be an ‘Admin’ of your organisation's Facebook Page
  • Time - fifteen minutes per post to measure impact

People who like your page

Analyse your audience by visiting the ‘People’ tab of your Insights dashboard. Find out who likes your page by gender, age and location. This is based on the personal information people enter in their profiles. It’s useful as it can help you know who you’re targeting and the kind of things to post.


When your fans are online

Timing is key to help your content gain maximise exposure. Go to the ‘Posts’ tab of the dashboard to find out when your fans are online. If, like many organisations, the weekend is the most popular time for fans to scroll, schedule your content to make sure you don’t miss out on these peaks.


Instant reach stats

Underneath each post, you’ll see a link with the amount of people reached. It’s a great snapshot of how a post has performed - you’ll see the number of likes, comments and shares along with reach and post clicks. One particularly handy stat is ‘Link clicks’ - the number of people that clicked any links you included in your post, perhaps a link to your website or blog. A high number of link clicks suggests your post was engaging enough for people to read more.


Where your page likes happened

Visit the ‘Likes’ tab of your Insights dashboard to learn how many likes and unlikes you’ve received, broken down into where it happened. If you’ve received lots of likes following a particular post, a fundraiser story perhaps, you’ll know to create more of this type of content in future. It’s also useful to know where your page likes have come from - mobile, desktop, ‘Facebook Suggestions’ or any adverts you might be running.


Most recent five posts compared

Click ‘Posts’ and scroll down to the ‘All Posts Published’ table. You’ll see your five most recent posts and the number of people reached, along with likes, comments and shares. It’s a quick and easy way to compare posts and understand which posts were most successful to help inform future content. Click the triangle alongside ‘Likes, comments and shares’ to see the virality of each post in percentage form.


So there you have it – five ways to use Facebook Insights to create more engaging posts, reach more people and understand your audience better.

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