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How to Use Snapchat For Nonprofit?

Launched in 2011, Snapchat is used for image messaging and video messaging. It is immensely popular among the teenagers and tweeners and the people their early twenties. Snapchat is currently the seventh largest messaging app in terms of the number of users.

According to Statista, It stands at number seven with more than 255 million of users. For any organization, it is a staggering number of users that can boost their visibility. Snapchat can be a powerful tool for non-profit organizations that can capitalize on the phenomenal audience base of this application in order to promote their business. 

Things you'll need

  • The many non-profit organizations have already started taking advantage of this messaging app. So it is about time that you kick-start your journey on this app by following the below mentioned steps:

Sign Up For A Unique Username ASAP

This is important to get a unique name that goes with the type of your non-profit organization. The earlier you book a username for your non-profit, the higher the chances of its availability. Snapchat is a free app, so you will not have to pay for the username.

Therefore, you can register a username as soon as you name your organization. If you are lucky to find the same name as your organization, it will also benefit the visibility of your Snapchat on many search engines.


Create A Group Page

You can create a group page on Snapchat that will allow you to share stories with your friends, acquaintances, and associates. You can create a group simply by adding snapchatters from your chat screen. You can only pick people who are your friends. Once you create a group, you can share a picture or video with the people in the group.

As it is a tool for sharing a visual story, you can use it to share the various facets of your non-profit organization. For example, you can create the images of a newly-launched product or you can make an inside video of the people working in the organization that you can show to the snapchatters in your group.


Focus On The Tweeners And Teenagers

Snapchat is a favorite for a younger lot of people who are in their teenage and early twenties. Omni Core Agency reveals that 45% of Snapchat users are people who fall under the age of 18-24 years.

In other words, it is suitable for the adolescents. This goes into the favor of non-profit organizations as people under this age are generous and are more likely to contribute to a charity organizations than the others. What you need to do is angle your stories to attract the people who fall under this age group.


Share Your Story

Snapchat uses the storytelling technique to tell a story. So it is the best tool to let the potential funders, fundraisers, and volunteers know the cause of your organization and how they can make a contribution.

Let’s say if you are running an organization for child labor, you can create a photo story that can visually narrate the grave issue of child labor and how your organization can mobilize people about this issue. You can talk about things like free education and shelter as the incentive for the potential people to contribute to your organization.


Share Indoor Moments Of Your Organization

Snapchat can be the best tool to showcase the indoor activities of your non-profit. You can share the best moments of a fundraising event or unveil a product launch. Similarly, you can create a ‘behind the scenes’ video of a promotional content or you can record an interview of the key people and make it available for the users. All these things can contribute to creating a unified perception of your organization.


Engage Users On A Personal Level

Since snapchat is a messaging app, it allows you to interact individually with the users. Unlike the other social media marketing tools, it enables you to communicate with the people involved in your project. You can share the snaps showing the different people in your organization in the different roles.

Let’s say you run an organization for emergency medical service. So if someone volunteers in your organization as an ambulance driver, you can send him one of his pictures with a “Thank You” note.

Further information


Snapchat is a good tool for any non-profit organization that wants to attract the volunteers and generate the funds. The aforementioned steps are some of the ways you can make the best use of this application.


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