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How to Write an Outstanding Resume Without Lies

Drafting an outstanding resume can be a wracking process for your brain. If you fall under this category, then guess what you are not alone. But the good news is that today we are going to learn about how to pad out your resume with the skills that will leave you a prey for hot hiring organizations. On seeing your resume, employers make an outright decision about whether to contact you or not.

Let us check out some of the steps in writing a resume.

Things you'll need

  • Good background
  • Internet access
  • References

Tailor It and Be Real

Lots of people actually take out other people’s resumes to save time. What you need to do is change your CV for each role you apply. Find out about the company and use the job advertisement to match exactly what skills you should bring out. A resume should be no more than two pages. Averagely employers spend 8 seconds looking at a resume. Keep it real, to the point, punchy and save the rest of the details for the interview.


Use the Available Internet Tools

The internet has become a very important field for both employers and job seekers. So after tailoring your resume well, you still have to use some tools. The social media platform has as well become an important aspect of the job search. Lots of people nowadays actually land their jobs on social media platforms. Getting online is a measure that cannot be sidelined in today’s world.  Some of the tools you can use include:

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best tools to use when carrying out a job search. You can use it to check out lots of information concerning potential employers as well strategically positioning yourself well to find jobs. Normally on LinkedIn a company’s profile will show its industry, the number of employees, its headquarters and much more. You can check out some employee profiles, credentials and level of education. You can as well join any groups that have several employees from the company and search for mentions of the company and how they like their resumes drafted.

  • Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a site where people leave reviews about their present organizations and their past employers. This includes things to do with salary as well as benefits to evaluations of a company’s leadership and outlook. From the reviews, you can tell the sort of working environment. There is also a section that covers interviews whereby anyone who has had an interview at a company can drop their feedback about their experiences. From that, you can get a glimpse of what they look for in the resume of employees.

  • All Top Reviews

All Top Reviews has been in the business of developing and editing the content of different resume types for a number of years now. You only need to feed them with snippets of your profile outlook and leave the rest of the work to them. For years they have helped fashion unique resumes for their clients that set them apart when it comes to job hunting. They have professionals from various fields who are always up to date with what the hiring fields require from potential job seekers. They have a contact team that is always on the outlook in case you need any clarifications. Check them out and you will certainly thank yourself for doing this!

  • Google

This is the most obvious and apparent place to turn to for a search. You can check out journals, publications and even blogs regarding how to come up with an outstanding resume. Searching for companies with details associated with what you find will give you more information than you would find anywhere else.

  • is an online platform talking about careers and what you need to know. They bring out issues and common skills that people forget to showcase and which recruiters look out for when looking at resumes.


Drop a Personal Statement

An employer may not possibly see how your experience matches up with their job. To bridge this gap a brief personal statement explaining why you are the best candidate for a particular position will help the employer see you differently.


Forget the Gaps

Being a cynical bunch that people are, leaving gaps on your resume makes employers smell a rat. If you have been out of work for some time you can put a spin to it. If you took a course during the period, or if you volunteered work or developed your skills then it is important to highlight it. 


Update Your Resume

Whether or not you are looking for a job, it is imperative to keep your resume up-to-date. Be keen to record any significant occurrences and developments that may come about in line with your career.


Make it Error Free

With employers experiencing huge amounts of applications, they certainly look out for simple and common mistakes to slim the interview list. Giving them an excuse to dismiss you over avoidable mistakes will most definitely cost you. A spellchecker could get you out the mess or giving your resume to someone else to double-check what you have written will also help you avoid common mistakes.


Stay Truthful Till the End

Who said lying on your resume will land you your dream job? In fact, blatant lies on your resume can land you in a bowl of hot soup when employers check your background and references.


Give It a Good Look

Be sure to take a time to make your resume pretty. Maintain brief sentences and use bullet points. Make the layout easy on the eye. Remember image is everything.

Truth be told, there are so many competent and experienced people out there, but are not in their dream jobs. Understanding what you need to do and how to present yourself might just help you get to where you want. The above are important steps in building and developing an eye-catching resume. Standing out amongst the crowd is key in ensuring that you clinch that job position you have been eying for ages.


Enjoy Your New Job

After creating a well-written and trustful resume, you will be more than welcome at a huge variety of top companies.

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