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How to Write an Overview of a Nonprofit Organization

While there is a huge difference between commercial and non-profit organizations, they do have at least one thing in common, and that is the need for a clear mission, as well as very specific goals, services, and organizational frame within which they will operate. For a non-profit organization, all of these elements should be contained within their overview. Every brilliant overview is based on collaboration between stakeholders, staff members, donors, and volunteers of the organization, as well as members of the community. And how to write a hook sentence?

This means you need to say a lot using a limited amount of space, which can be quite challenging. In this article, you will find different tips on how to write an overview of your non-profit organization, so keep on reading.


Take It from the Top

One of the main things you need to include in the overview is a brief, but informative history of your organization. Make sure the mention its founders, as well as the reason why it was founded. Next, you should provide information about the mission of your organization, who it will help, and ways in which it plans to achieve its mission. It should be a lot like an "about us" page for a website.


Provide Specific Information

When talking about a particular program, make sure to include some specific numbers and data. For example, if your non-profit organization is running a program which helps children with learning problems, let the readers know how many children are taking part in the program, and describe what sort of service you are providing for them. On top of that, it would be a good idea if you could demonstrate it using an example, or in this case, a student which was able to improve their grades thanks to your program.


Write about Your Staff

If you want to get people interested in your organization and its programs, whether they are donors or volunteers, you will also need to write about staff within the organization. Talk about their qualifications, experience, and tools and methods they will use over the course of programs your organization is providing. That way, you will demonstrate that the organization is run by competent and capable professionals, which will build trust with those interested in providing or receiving support.


Talk about Your Budget

Of course, each program costs money, and in order to keep it transparent, talk about your organization's budget. This should include plans which you are implementing right now in order to raise more funds, as well as what you plan to do in the future in order to finance the programs your non-profit is offering. In addition to explaining the costs of running everything successfully, also mention who you plan to target when it comes to raising funds.


Explain How You Are Going to Measure Success

Donors and contributors are more likely to take part once they see a program is successful. This means you will need to provide metrics with which you will quantify the results of your programs, as well as deadlines and numbers which you plan to achieve. Include descriptions of tools which will be used for measurements, such as surveys, polls, and statistics, as well as the frequency of evaluation.


Don't Be Afraid to Use Help

Crafting that perfect piece of content for your overview is tricky, but there are plenty of tools out that are at your disposal which can make it easier. To make sure the overview is spotless in terms of grammar, spelling, and punctuation, use Grammarly, which is probably the next best thing after a human editor. Also, using PowerThesaurus can help you get the phrasing just right.

Further information

Hopefully, these 6 tips will help you put together a compelling overview for your non-profit organization. Keep in mind to keep your content concise and to include all the relevant information, including info on staff, goals, budget, programs, and recipients of the programs. That way, you will be able to spread awareness and spark interest in your organization, and what it has to offer to the world.


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