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How to Write Attention-Grabbing Content for Your Business’s Content Marketing Strategy

Attention grabbing content is imperative if you want to grow your business. In today’s world, you not only have to produce content but it has to be great. This is how you generate traffic for your website and convert readers into customers.

It’s way harder than it seems. You have to think of what you want to talk about, to whom you’re talking to, and how it’s the best way to deliver your message. That'll define the voice of your business and set yourself apart from your competitors.

In this article, you’ll learn how to produce this content better and why it’s crucial for your success.

Things you'll need

  • A lot of time
  • Good writers and editors
  • Content marketing strategy

Create Great Headlines

This is the most important part of your content. The headline will make or break the chances of your content to be read.

Five times as many people read the headlines as the number that reads the body copy.

The headline is the first thing the reader will see. It’s the click-bait of your content, and if it’s boring or confusing people will ignore the rest.

To write great headlines be aware that you have one sentence to sum up the main idea behind the content. Keep the following in mind:

  • Make a promise
  • Use numbers
  • Use enticing words like adjectives
  • Why, What, How, and When

Always remember that the content has to deliver whatever it is that the headline promised. The fastest way to lose potential customers is to make them feel tricked.

Follow those tips and you’ll be on your way to creating attention-grabbing content.


Hook them up

Every sentence counts. This may seem like an exaggeration, but the truth is that every sentence has to make the reader read the next.

The best way to do it is not only to craft great sentences but also to make the reader feel that they learned valuable information.

In today’s world, people are in a hurry so nobody likes to feel they wasted their time

Therefore, hook them from the start and make them stay till the final word.

So to hook your reader from the start you let them know that your article is not filler-content. Take the time to provide them with an easy-to-read, well-written content that has value to them. If you don’t have the time or the proper skill set, it’s fairly easy to find freelancers or reputable custom writing services to help meet your content creation needs. If you have enough time, you can write it yourself, but don’t forget using some apps like Grammarly and Hemingway.


Make your content solve a problem

This is what separates the great content creators from the rest.

You have to wear your audience’s shoes to know what are the problem they face, so you can think how to solve them.

Great content has value and this value is defined by how you connect with your audience.

The best way to connect with your audience and show your value is to solve a problem for them.

Provide content that solves their problem. Especially problems they don’t even know they have.

This will position you as an authority and the go-to expert in your area.

Your content will grab everyone’s attention if you show your readers that you know them so well that you know the problems they face and the ones they might face.


Make it scannable

Your content may have a great message and be well-written, but no one will read if it looks boring and like a lot of work. People’s attention span is reduced so no one will read an article with chunks of huge paragraphs.

To improve your content, you must adhere to a few guidelines that’ll make your content looks better and increase the number of people reading it, and therefore, increasing your conversion.

Check your content for the next:

  • Short paragraphs
  • Short sentences
  • Subheadings
  • Images

How your content looks on a web page is as important as the message in it. You need all the above bullet points to make your content look easy and fun to read. This will also increase the number of shares you get on social media.


Understand why it’s important for your business and set goals

Now, why it’s important for your content marketing strategy to create great content? First the obvious answer, it generates traffic to your website.

 But your goal is not just to generate traffic. You want customers.

Great headlines can generate traffic, but only if the content is great that you will convert those readers into loyal customers.

When you solve a problem for the readers you gain their trust. This turns into likely customers. They’re more likely to buy something from you if they trust in your abilities to deliver what you’re promising.

So when you create attention-grabbing content you create a large reader base and a potential customer base. That’s why you have to always favor quality over quantity.

It’s crucial if you want to grow your business.

You can’t have a marketing strategy without thinking about your content. And if it’s not attention grabbing no one will care.

But how do you convert readers into customers? There’s one important piece missing. It's our next step.


Create a CTA (call-to-action)

At the end of every article, you must have a call to action to urge your readers to do something for you.

This is ,basically, give first - ask later. You gave important information to your readers now you can ask them to take an action.

It could be something like sharing your content on their social media accounts so you can generate more traffic, or telling them about a product or service that you offer that it’s related to the content you provided.

It’s important to remember that not every call to action should entice the reader to buy something. The call to action should tell the reader what to do next. It could be:

  • Share the content on social media
  • Buy a product or service
  • Read another article
  • A thought for the reader to reflect
  • An action to take that’ll help the reader with their problem

Keep in mind that a call to action is crucial to have in your content. Help the reader with the next step and s/he will be more likely to remember you next time they have a problem.


Edit and Proofread on Repeat

After you end up with a strong database, go through the content several times. Every time you read, you have to ensure that you rectify each of the mistakes minutely. Follow the tips to make your content entirely flawless:

  • While checking, follow the descending order. (Start checking from the last paragraph and move upward gradually)
  • Look for every major to minor grammatical errors.
  • Don’t miss out the syntactical mistakes.
  • Look into the punctuation placements and rectify them thoroughly.
  • Make the phrases meaningful and relevant.
  • Make sure the content is 100% non-plagiarized.

Once you ensure that all these criteria have been looked after minutely, you get a steady and strong content ready at your hand.


Time to harvest!

To sum it all up, keep in mind that to create attention grabbing content you must have;

  • Great headlines that’ll propel the reader to click on your content
  • To hook the reader by providing well-written content that solves a problem
  • Easy and fun to read material
  • A call to action.

This is how you generates traffic and then customers.

Now, that you understand how to write attention-grabbing content and why it’s so important for your marketing strategies to go ahead and put those steps to use in your content.

And don’t forget to share this article on your social media to help others like you.

Further information

Some content creation tools for you:

1. Grammarly

2. Hemingway


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