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Student Volunteer Opportunities You'll Love

Somehow, today's world has turned into a place where any activity should be paid. We can read about serious discussions on whether parents are to pay their children for housework and good grades. A business approach has infiltrated every sphere of our life. That is why volunteer work seems to be something freeing to students. It gets more and more popular. In 2015, the US only had 62.6 million volunteers. Here are the best volunteer opportunities for you.


Kids’ Camps

This is the most widespread type of volunteer work. The number of kids’ camp benefits is really astonishing:

  • networking. There are usually many students from different parts of the world volunteering in international camps. This is a great chance to make new friends. Even if you choose a local camp, you’ll definitely meet new people there.

  • practicing languages. Volunteering in international kids’ camps is one of the most productive ways to improve a foreign language even without leaving your country. Kids, volunteers, and workers come from different places and create a multinational community.

  • practicing social and educational skills. They say if you want to understand it, try to explain it to a kid. You can practice it in camps even if your actual work is just to supervise children. There are no better listeners in the world than kids! Besides, working in a children’s camp incorporates communication with all types of people: children of different age and different backgrounds, fellow students, supervisors, managers, guests, etc. This will boost your social skills immensely. Education majors are looking for topics for research papers and theses will also find this program incredibly useful - after all, where else will you find such an immense practical experience?

  • practicing teaching skills. Many students choose a teaching career. However, these skills shouldn’t be underestimated by you even in case you have other plans. Do you know how many top companies CEOs and experts in different spheres are invited to give a lecture or two in the best colleges and universities? It can be you one day! Sharing knowledge is essential in the contemporary world.


There are only a couple of kids’ camp options for students to work in:

  • St Vincent de Paul Society in Canberra, Australia

  • Tim Horton Children’s Camp, Nova Scotia, Canada


Disability Volunteering

In this field, volunteers help children and/or adults with disabilities. Your duties are often to assist and work with them. You are to be always there and respond quickly to the needs and interests of people you work with. If you volunteer for an international program aimed at helping children, you get all the benefits of a kids' camp, that is networking with a multinational volunteer team, practicing languages, social, educational and teaching skills.


The level of responsibility is as high both for working with kids and adults. You can even do more than physical help like cooking, taking care and organizing leisure activities (journeys and games). No matter which profession you choose after college, you have an excellent opportunity to tell the world about disabled people, their strength, and wisdom. You can choose a camp or a program, stay there or just visit. One way or another, you'll get the most valuable experience. Here are some international programs you might be interested in:

  • Program for Social Adaptation of Blind Kids in Chuncheon, Korea

  • Children’s Association for Maximum Potential, Texas, USA

  • Guiding People with Special Needs Program in Tel Aviv, Israel




This type of volunteer work will let you feel connected to nature. The activities can be very different. You may plant trees or protect, observe, and feed animals. You can even create and guard entire biosystems. There are eco-camps aimed at improving the agricultural sector. The range of work varies from picking fruits and vegetables to introducing new systems of the land-use management. The geography of eco-camps is in no way limited.


You can stay in your own country or even town or go far abroad. That is why a choice is really hard to make:

  • Delta eco-camp in Orinoco Delta, Venezuela

  • UNIVOL eco-camp in Siberia, Russia

  • Kraljevac eco-camp, Serbia


It seems that eco-camps are only interesting for students who want to connect their future with Biology and Botanics, but it is completely not so. Although many students go there for educational purposes, anybody will find something interesting, useful, and inspiring in such work. After all, nothing can be more relaxing than spending some time in nature before a long semester. Besides, volunteering in eco-camps can be combined with many other activities: self-education or working for essay writing services.

Further information

In today's reality, we either buy or sell something. We also provide services and get paid. This is the essence of economics our lives are based on. This is neither good nor bad. This is inevitable due to demands of the contemporary society. It is against this background that volunteer work has become a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of it all. Those who tend to make a business out of anything see another perspective in volunteering - this is an investment in your skills; and the only thing you are to give is your time (well, a fee, if any, is so low that you might not think about it.) That is why volunteer work is beneficial from any point of view.



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