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Pre-start-up scoping and planning

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This is the first stage of setting up a voluntary-sector consortium.

Good planning and discussion of key issues at this stage will lay a solid foundation for a successful consortium.

Outcomes for this stage

The key outcomes for this stage are:

  • establishment that conditions are right for a consortium to be of value
  • agreement in principle to form a consortium
  • a list of founding organisations
  • complete initial market analysis to scope out contract opportunities
  • concerns logged and risks discussed
  • the first draft of vision, mission and values (to be firmed up later in the process)
  • a one-year development plan has been worked out and adopted.

Key activities for this stage

At this stage you can hold a one-day workshop for interested organisations, which should go through the above outcomes. NCVO’s one-day consortium masterclass covers this.

Success factors

Successful voluntary sector consortia have generally had:

  • commitment from commissioners to engage with the new entity
  • robust market analysis and line of sight to actual contract opportunities that are on the horizon, ideally at least a year away
  • a core group of organisations willing to devote time and financial resource
  • individuals with delegated decision-making authority driving forward the development
  • external funding and business development support
  • a culture of collaboration and willingness to take risk
  • strong commitment from chairs and trustees of member organisations.

More information

Next step

Formation of working group


Page last edited Oct 14, 2020

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