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Charities need to think about cyber security. The National Cyber Security Centre’s threat assessment of the charity sector found that charities are falling victim to a range of cyber attacks regardless of their size and nature of their work.

Your charity or voluntary organisation will hold data that is of value to a criminal or organised crime groups. And the loss of funds - however small - could be damaging to your ability to deliver your work, and could affect funders' and supporters’ trust in your ability to manage both their money and their details securely.

Many charities also hold sensitive information about their beneficiaries that could be useful to someone with malicious intent. Or just imagine coming into the office one day, switching on your computer and there’s a message saying you can’t access any of your systems until you pay a ransom.


Cyber Security: Small Charity Guide - Working with NCVO and others, the NCSC launched this guide in March 2018. It details, in the least technical ways possible, how to improve cyber security within your charity – quickly, easily and at free or low cost. While the guidance published here is aimed at small charities, it’s applicable to all. NCSC and NCVO encourage you to adopt this guidance.

Protect your Charity from Fraud - Charity Commission guidance for charity trustees and managers

Further information and support

NCSC’s Threat Assessment of the Charity Sector.

Cyber Security in Charities - Research with UK registered charities exploring awareness, attitudes and experiences around cyber security.

Our managing risk page with links to templates and guidance.

Phoenix Software provide discounts on software to charities and NCVO members

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