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Strategy and Planning

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Find out about the strategy development process and how to do it well.

Definitions and views of strategy

Definition of strategy. Views from strategy experts and charity and non profit leaders on strategy development.

Definitions and views of strategy - Read more…


Explanation of direction-setting, what it is and how to do it in your non profit or charitable organisation.

Direction-setting - Read more…

Involving beneficiaries

Listening to and involving beneficiaries in strategy development.

Involving beneficiaries - Read more…

External environment analysis

Sustainability and the success of your non profit organisation will only be realised if you are aware of the forces and trends affecting your external environment.

External environment analysis - Read more…

Internal environment analysis

Understanding how your organisation thinks and works is vital to improving performance and effectiveness.

Internal environment analysis - Read more…

Developing strategic options

Choosing the right strategic options for your charity or non profit organisation, following your analysis.

Developing strategic options - Read more…

Implementing strategy

How to implement your strategy plan including how to involve people within its implementation and how to create strategy maps.

Implementing strategy - Read more…

Engaging hearts and minds in strategy

To implement your strategy, you need to engage and align people behind it.

Engaging hearts and minds in strategy - Read more…

Future foresight

Takes you through the strategic analysis process of looking at your operating environment and identifying trends that could affect you.

Future foresight - Read more…

Types of structure

What to consider when choosing or changing your organisation's structure.

Types of structure - Read more…

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