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Impact of drivers

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Takes you through the fourth step of strategic analysis assessing the impact of drivers.

Once you have researched your selected drivers, the next step is turn that knowledge into choices about future actions.

So what?

The first question to consider is "so what?" What is the potential impact of your chosen key drivers on aspects of your organisation? Different drivers will impact in different ways, at different times. Some will be positive, others negative.

An assessment grid is a useful tool for thinking through the impact of your drivers. It prompts you to consider the potential impact of drivers in the following areas:


  • Users and their needs
  • Funders and their priorities
  • Relationships and influence (media, policymakers, other players etc),


  • Workforce (paid, volunteers and trustees)
  • Your organisation's work (services and activities)
  • Governance, including accountability and evaluation
  • Systems and skills (communications, administration, management etc).

Try to complete the grid with colleagues. You could present it to your board together with each of your key drivers and encourage the board to identify the opportunities and challenges arising from the impacts you have mapped.

Page last edited Apr 11, 2013

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