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SWOT'ing a PEST!

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How to adapt two popular strategy tools to help collect thinking together.

By the time you've carried out your internal and external environment analysis you will have collected:

  • a wealth of information about future drivers, trend and forces
  • your 'fitness' or capacity to deal with what may happen in the future.

To help you convert all of this analysis into possible future options it may be helpful to compare the opportunities and threats which emerge from your external environment analysis with your internal strengths and weaknesses.

Use the matrix below (perhaps on a sheet of flipchart paper) to record your thinking and develop ideas about options for the future. Make sure that your strategy is leveraging internal strengths to pursue external opportunities, whilst countering weaknesses and threats.





Options for using strengths to take advantage of opportunities

Options for overcoming weaknesses that prevent pursuing opportunities


Options for using strengths to reduce likelihood and impact of threats

Options for addressing weaknesses that will make threats a reality

Page last edited Jul 25, 2017

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