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Anything categorised as fundraising
How to Implement Volunteers That Can Help Nonprofits by Finnegan Pierson — last modified Mar 22, 2019 10:19 PM
Learn how to properly implement volunteers in your non profit.
How to carry out effective user research by Chloe Darke — last modified Mar 22, 2019 11:51 AM
Building a new digital service can be hard. How do you know what features your users will need the most? Or what platform they’ll be most likely to use? Fortunately you don’t need to have all the answers yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t. Because that’s what user research is for.  User research is not the same as market research , and 1:1 interviews will give you more valuable, in-depth insights than surveys and focus groups. The point of user research is to find out about your users’ attitudes, behaviour, goals and challenges. It’s about uncovering how they see the world, and how they behave in it. If you understand this, you can design and build a service that users’ need, not what you think they need. Before starting any user research, think about the people you’re engaging with. Put yourself in their shoes. This will help you decide how best to interview your users and how to make them feel at ease in the session. Anything from cups of tea to ice-breakers can help build rapport and trust. Tips for effective user research
Coproduction and service user involvement by Rob Brennan — last modified Mar 22, 2019 11:46 AM
copy_of_Coproduction2.png by Rob Brennan — last modified Mar 22, 2019 11:37 AM
Coproduction2.png by Rob Brennan — last modified Mar 22, 2019 11:34 AM
How to Strengthen Your Nonprofit by Finnegan Pierson — last modified Mar 21, 2019 10:04 PM
The world of nonprofit an exciting adventure for those who are ready to change the world and really make a difference in the lives of individuals. While you may not save the whole entire world you can impact people’s lives positively in your community and schools. Nonprofit’s do not run the same as a major corporation or business. There is usually a board of directors and a small group of directors who are over different items such as operations and management. You will find that a lot of nonprofits rely on volunteer work and putting in extra hours. The great part about nonprofit work is that it is fulfilling and you will work with people who are passionate and dedicated to their job. Here are five things to think about when building your nonprofit:  
How to Avoid Writing Off Bad Business Debts by Patrick Cole — last modified Mar 21, 2019 02:38 PM
Bad debt is credit, owed by a debtor that is likely to be unpaid. It can be due to a debtor going bankrupt, or their business going into liquidation. Since the debt cannot be recovered, it is meaningless to put it in the books of account. Sometimes, pursuing the debt may prove to be costlier than the debt itself. If this happens, you write it off as a business expense. Bad debts are the worry of many businesses. In the business world, customers always request to pay for services by direct debit or standing order.   
Further resources by Jack Garfinkel — last modified Mar 21, 2019 10:22 AM
Other useful resources for getting started in the voluntary sector.
What are social enterprises? by Jack Garfinkel — last modified Mar 21, 2019 10:19 AM
Your new organisation may be more suited to the model of a social enterprise but the term spans a range of legal forms.
How to Organize a Team Building Event for Your Non-Profit Organization by Nate Vickery — last modified Mar 21, 2019 09:56 AM
As every single devoted individual working within a non-profit team will confirm, any job of such nature is a reward of its own. People are eager to give back to their community and especially to those in need, so working in line with their values represents a true honour that cannot be associated with any price tag. However, these positions often come with emotional investing, organising complex fundraising strategies , and negotiating with potential investors at all times. While all of these are vital, every non-profit, much like every other business that operates in this hectic climate of ours needs to do its best to keep those eager, devoted employees. Not even to keep them present, but to keep them happy, productive, and motivated for all those challenges that lie ahead. Enter: team building! Here are a few tips on how you can use these events to your advantage and to help your teams bond and work better for the greater good of your community as well as your organisation.
Introduction to legal forms by Jack Garfinkel — last modified Mar 21, 2019 09:43 AM
Legal form means the type of structure an organisation is in the eyes of the law. There are various legal forms available but not all will be suitable.
Should you set up a new charity? by Jack Garfinkel — last modified Mar 21, 2019 09:37 AM
Questions to ask before setting up a charity or voluntary organisation.
Overview of legal rights and responsibilities by Rob Brennan — last modified Mar 20, 2019 02:47 PM
Pensions and other benefits by Rob Brennan — last modified Mar 20, 2019 02:24 PM
Restructuring and redundancy by ThaliaTEST SilverTEST — last modified Mar 20, 2019 02:17 PM
How to communicate your impact by Gideon Burrows — last modified Mar 20, 2019 09:04 AM
Showcasing the worth of what you do to the wider world isn’t just a legal requirement. It’s an essential tool for inspiring supporters, informing commissioners and spreading awareness of your work. Here are some simple tips to help you do just that. порно - phim sex - gratis porr - porno zdarma
How to wear Tallit by Sheraz Ahmad — last modified Mar 19, 2019 06:41 PM
A lot of religions worship gods. For Jewish women and men, worship isn't all about getting blessings but also giving praise and thanks to God. When reciting their prayers, there's also a special garment they wear.
How to Improve Non-Profit Workplace Culture by Lauren Wiseman — last modified Mar 19, 2019 04:01 PM
Workplace culture is the source of your non-profit’s power. It dictates your staff members’ attitudes, beliefs, and interactions. As a reflection of your organizational values, it shapes people’s perceptions of your non-profit and its authority. Above all, workplace culture directly impacts your top employees’ wellbeing, keeping them satisfied and loyal to your organization. Here are a few simple steps that will help you boost your non-profit’s workplace culture.  
How to Save Time And Write More Effectively For Your Business by Samantha Brannon — last modified Mar 19, 2019 12:12 PM
If you think about it, the success of your business depends on your ability to communicate. You cannot win over customers, get people to invest in your ideas, or get your team to do what you need them to do without this skill. Verbal communications skills are certainly important, but let’s be honest. In business, all of the important stuff is in written form. If you have good writing skills, your can communicate more efficiently and more effectively. The following nine steps can help you to improve your writing skills in no time.
How to Custom Design Team Uniforms Printing by Sheraz Ahmad — last modified Mar 18, 2019 05:28 PM
You can join most of the jersey styles with simple jersey styles as well as simple practice jerseys from 16 different styles
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