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Preparing project budgets: 30-minute beginners' guide

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This four-part online training session covers all the key elements of project budgeting. Essential training if you've only got 30 minutes to sort your numbers out. Watch the first part for free!

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Video one - watch for FREE!


Read a transcript of this training session (Word, 28.5kb)

Video two

  • How to structure your budget
  • What goes into each column of your budget
  • Complete your own sample project budget (practical exercise)

Video three

  • The results of the practical exercise fully explained

Video four

  • Income, costs and deficit
  • How to revise a budget
  • Your budget is ready: what happens next?

About Jacqueline Williams

Jacqueline Williams is the director and founder of AAA Consultancy Services Ltd, a company that provides strategic and management support to a range of business enterprises in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Jacqueline's main areas of expertise relate to the legal responsibilities of trustees and charities, governance theory and practice, and financial management.

Jacqueline has worked as a consultant/trainer through a number of umbrella organisations including the Directory of Social Change (DSC), Centre for Charity Effectiveness at Cass Business School, Charity’s Aid Foundation (CAF), and British Overseas NGOs for Development (BOND). She holds qualifications in law, finance and regulatory compliance.

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