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Working with organisational profiles on NCVO Knowhow

This page is free to all
Registering your organisation on Knowhow allows you to share any purchased content or services with your colleagues.

What are organisational profiles?

We know that most people come to Knowhow for help with specific issues that they face as individuals working in the voluntary sector. However, there are times when people need a service that benefits their whole organisation – a training course, for instance. That’s where organisational profiles or groups come in.

Organisational groups on Knowhow allow registered users to identify where they work. Once they’ve done so they can buy content and services that are then automatically shared with other colleagues who have joined the group. It’s the most cost-effective way to share paid-for content with your peers.

What content or services can I buy for my organisation?

Currently, the only premium service available for organisations is our Studypass. This is a subscription service to our Studyzone video training library, which allows subscribers access to every single training course for a small, regular fee. 

If you buy an organisational subscription to Studypass, everyone who has joined your organisation on Knowhow gets automatic access to all the training courses in the Studyzone library.

Find out more about Studypass

How do I set up or join an organisation on Knowhow?

When you buy an organisational subscription, eg through our Studypass page, you will be prompted to set up your organisation as part of the purchase process.

Another process is as follows:

  • Register and login to the site.
  • Go to your personal profile (always accessible by clicking on your user name in the top right hand corner of any page on the site).
  • Click ‘check to see if my organisation is already registered’ at the foot of the first column.
  • If the organisation has already been set up, our site will let you know and ask if you want to join it. Once you have expressed your interest in joining, a message is sent to the person in your organisation who manages the organisational profile (usually the person who set up the profile in the first place). The profile manager will need to accept you before you can join the organisation. This is for the safety and integrity of the group.
  • If your organisation has not already been set up, continue to follow the step-by-step process online for adding your organisation.

Organisational profile managers

By default the person who sets up an organisation on Knowhow becomes the manager of the group. This comes with the following responsibilities:

  • Managers can make any other group member a manager.
  • Managers must approve new requests from colleagues to join the group. They will receive an email every time someone asks to join the group with clear instructions about how to accept them.
  • Managers can edit and update any details about the organisation contained in the profile.

If you’ve just set up your organisation and started to invite new members, we strongly advise you make at least one of them a manager of the group, so that new members can get approved quickly.

If you’ve asked to join a group and received an email letting you know that you’ve been made a manager, this just means you share responsibility for approving other new members to the group. Don’t worry, it’s not an onerous task!

Why should you set up or join your organisation on Knowhow?

As mentioned above, organisational profiles provide the best available way to share paid-for content with your colleagues.

If you’re a manager looking for a training solution for your staff, you might want to set up or join your organisation online so that you can purchase a Studypass training subscription to share with your team.

If you’re an employee, you might want to set up or join your organisation online and ask your manager to buy an organisational subscription to Studypass so that you and your colleagues have easy access to online training.

How to leave an organisational group on Knowhow

If you want to leave an organisational group, you need to:

    • Register and login to the site.
    • Go to your personal profile (always accessible by clicking on your user name in the top right hand corner of any page on the site).
    • register and login to the site
    • click ‘Leave’ next to your organisation name in the bottom left hand column.

Please note: if you are the only manager of your group, you’ll need to make someone else in the group a manager before you leave.

If you are the only person in the group, your organisational profile will be deleted from our system when you leave it.

Need any more help with organisational profiles?

Please contact us any time on

Page last edited Apr 05, 2019

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