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How to use the toolkit

This page is free to all

Who is this for?

This toolkit is for any organisation wishing to build the digital skills and confidence of its workforce, moving away from a centralised model to one where digital is at the core of your organisation. You may already be delivering some internal digital skills training, or you might be starting from scratch. Wherever your organisation is in its digital transformation journey, this toolkit will help you build skills and confidence in a strategic and sustainable way.

You’ll need:

  • a project manager to lead the programme from start to finish
  • a project team support the implementation and delivery (ideally people from digital and HR/ training)
  • support from your CEO and senior managers (they must be willing to drive change)
  • support from IT (to ensure the infrastructure in place to support certain platforms and tools)

Guidelines for use

We recognise that every organisation is different and therefore a digital skills programme should not follow a ‘one size fits’ all approach.

The toolkit is available to download, use and adapt for any purpose, under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

These resources have been created to provide guidance and structure to your programme and should be adapted to meet your needs and priorities. You may wish to use them all, in the order suggested, or pick and mix the resources you need.

If you require additional support, please do get in touch. We can deliver bespoke group workshops and provide one to one support to assist with with all elements of your digital skills programme.

Time required

This is an ongoing process and the idea is to create something that can be sustained in the long term. You may start seeing results after just a few sessions, or it might take a little longer to get people on board. It really depends on the size and culture of your organisation, your capacity to deliver the programme and how this fits into your organisational strategy. Don’t be disheartened if uptake is slow – this toolkit will give you some tips and examples to help you overcome challenges such as low engagement.

We recommend you spend a few weeks working through this toolkit before you start delivering sessions. This will encourage you to think strategically about what you want to achieve, and how you’re going to do this.

In-house vs external training

A peer to peer approach, where members of staff write, design and deliver sessions, will make the programme more approachable and tailored to your organisation. It also reduces costs, and gives staff delivering sessions the opportunity to build their presentation, communication and training skills. We would therefore encourage you, where possible, to invite members of staff to lead sessions, so start with areas you have in-house expertise in.

Additional  support

We can offer additional support in the form of practical workshops and one to one coaching, in which we will facilitate group discussions and help you design an effective digital skills programme that fits in with the strategic aims and objectives of your organisation. 

Download the toolkit.

Page last edited Apr 14, 2016

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